Which One Is Better: Tall Hookah or Short Hookah?

Sep 09 , 2021

Which One Is Better: Tall Hookah or Short Hookah?

Whether you are about to buy your first hookah or twelfth you will always be confused with the hookahs available in numerous sizes. However, the point is how they are different. Let us figure which one is better by gauging their differences.

Differences Between Small and Tall Hookahs

Small Hookahs come with tiny bases and hookah stems, which affect the smoke temperature. Whereas a large hookah comes with a larger stem and base, which holds more water that will cool down the smoke more effectively. As a result, you get a smoother and longer smoke session. On the other hand, a small hookah got some other advantages. It is easier to store, while the larger one requires more space for storage. Also, it looks gorgeous as a decorative item.

Does Hookah Height Make a Difference?

It does and depends on what kind of hookah smoker you are. If you are an avid smoker preferring long sessions, then small hookahs are best to avoid. They burn up quickly. Again, if you are an occasional smoker, then a small hookah will be as perfect as the large one.

Does The Hookah Bowl Size Matter?

A hookah bowl acts as a shisha holder. A large bowl means more tobacco. However, the tobacco quantity does not guarantee the good performance of your hookah. In short, the bowl size matters, but it is also important to consider what kind of session you are planning to have.

If you want to have a quick session all by yourself, then do not waste shisha by packing a large bowl. You can have the same experience with a small hookah bowl as well.

Are Large Hookahs Better? 

The large hookahs can hold more water. It cools down the smoke faster and keeps up with the heat of burning Shisha longer, unlike the smaller ones.

Large hookahs have longer Hookah stems, which means the smoke has to travel a longer distance and cool down a little before entering the water. It exerts a little less heat on the water, allowing it to stay cooler for longer. Overall, it gives you a boost in the session duration. In short, larger hookahs are best for longer smoke sessions.

Does a Small Hookah Work Well?

Even a small hookah works on the mechanism on which a large Hookah does. The only difference is that it is just a little smaller. It got a small Hookah stem, smaller head, smaller base, shorter Hookah pipe, and less water. Therefore, there will be less water to cool down the smoke. It tends to heat up faster.

 A small hookah can perform decently if prepared well and produce thick fluffy smoke clouds. A small hookah with a small bowl will require less tobacco compared to the regular-sized hookahs.

For this reason, one can conclude that small Hookahs’ performance can be excellent, but its sessions are not as long as a large-sized hookah. 

Small or Large Hookah: Which One Is Better? 

Generally speaking, a large Hookah performs better, but the size really doesn't make a big difference unless you are a heavy shisha smoker or smoking in a large group. A small hookah is perfect if you smoke occasionally or alone. It also hits you hard as compared to the large ones. 

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