About Us

Khalil Maamoon™ is a hookah manufacturer from Cairo, Egypt. Since 1873, Khalil Maamoon™ has been producing hand-made hookah water pipes. A tradition for the past 500 or more years, water pipe smoking is a long-standing cultural activity across Middle Eastern countries, and it’s also now spreading to other countries like the U.S., UK and Australia.
Instead of smoking tobacco through a filtered cigarette, water pipes, or hookah pipes, pass vaporized smoke through a water bowl, which moves upward through the hookah to be inhaled. Different varieties are preferred by hookah smokers, that are drawn to fruit-flavored options.
Used for centuries in Egypt and other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Khalil Maamoon™ hookahs were born out of cultural traditional. Egyptian families use them, they are the center of university student life, and their use characterizes every aspect of social situations. Hookahs are associated with socializing and leisure activities.