Unique Liquid Alternatives for Your Hookah Base

Jun 25 , 2024

Unique Liquid Alternatives for Your Hookah Base

Apart from water, what can be added to the hookah base that will add to the smoke thickness and also enhance the flavor? It is a very common question that hookah smokers have been asking for years. Undoubtedly, water is the best liquid that you pour into your hookah base, but we all want to explore something new and be creative. For this reason, we have dedicated today's blog to bring you ten unique liquid alternatives for your hookah base that will enhance flavor and/or smoke thickness. 

What You Can Add to Your Hookah Base

Fruit Juice

If you are a big fan of sipping fruit punch or fruit juices, then you might enjoy adding some lemonade or cranberry juice in the base. It will add a subtle flavorful change to your smoke. Cranberry juice is not a common flavor but certainly unique and goes well with other flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and citrus flavors.

Flavor Extract

Fruit or bean extracts make a vibrant addition to your smoking experience. You can add extracts of almond, vanilla, or lime to the water in the base. Introducing a few drops of cooking-grade extracts can bring in a significant difference in flavor while enhancing the entire hookah session.


You can also try popsicles in your hookah as they combine the refreshing cooling effect of ice with the mouthwatering fruity flavor. Among all the flavors available, green ones are quite amazing.

Frozen Fruits

Being frozen, they add a coolness to the water and later on add a subtle fruity flavor. Use them fresh out of the bag or container and put water in the base before adding them. You can also add some mint leaves for extra freshness.


Adding some crushed mint leaves (along with some ice if you like some extra chill) in the hookah base will make the smoke extra cool and refreshing. If you are not fond of the strong minty smoke, you can try fruitier mints with citrus-flavored hookah shisha for a subtle boost in the flavor.


Another popular and simple option is to add ice to your hookah base, which will transform your entire hookah smoking experience. Ice in the base cools the smoke even more, which makes the smoker smoother and easier to inhale. The cooking impact of the ice results in a thicker and more satiating smoking experience. 

Anyway, never wash your hookah base using warm water immediately after using ice. The sharp change in temperature can cause the glass to crack or break.


You can simply boost up the sweetness of your smoke by adding your favorite soda into the hookah base. However, only add flat soda to your base, as carbon dioxide in just-opened sodas will create fizz in the base, which can get into the hose pipe and cause some troubles. There are many brands in the market offering different kinds of sodas. Among all the sodas, orange sodas happen to be more nostalgic, refreshing the memories of disco music and roller skating.

Grenadine or Simple Syrup

Adding a small amount of simple syrup to the hookah base can bring out a range of unique flavors that shisha cannot provide by itself. With this little addition, you can relish an amazing Lime Rickey flavor in your smoking session. Remember, add just a little.

With that, we will conclude our top picks for unique liquid alternatives for your hookah base that will surely add an extra kick. However, make a rule to always clean your hookah base and hookah hose thoroughly with lemon juice, warm water, and baking soda. Khalil Maamoon is right here with premium hookah and hookah accessories for all your hookah needs. Happy smoking!