The Ultimate Guide to Store Your Hookah, Shisha Tobacco, Charcoal, and Accessories

Aug 18 , 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Store Your Hookah, Shisha Tobacco, Charcoal, and Accessories

Every time you smoke your favorite shisha tobacco, your hookah experience shall depend on the quality and condition of all the integral components and accessories, other than your skills. All the essential hookah parts and the accessories must be routinely maintained and stored properly.

How to Store a Hookah

Let us first consider the hookah with all its essential parts. Many accessories are necessary for your sessions, but for now we will focus on the parts that make the basic hookah setup. These components are the glass base, the stem and in some designs there are two pipes, the clay bowl, the charcoal tray, the hose, the grommets, and many brands include a pair of tongs in the box.

Note: You must clean all your hookah parts before you store them.

  •       Glass Base

A thoroughly cleaned glass base should be stored in a cabinet. The manufacturer’s box or similar container is not the safest option. You need a stable and sturdy place where you can keep the glass base safe. Do not keep the base on a desk, table, or an open shelf.

  •       Stem or Pipe

The stem or pipe should be laid down horizontally, ideally in the same cabinet where you keep the glass base. You may use the grommets or the hose between the stem and the base so the former doesn’t accidentally roll over and hit the glass.

  •       Clay Bowl

Clean the clay bowl, wrap it in a soft cloth, and put it in a drawer. You may have a dedicated hookah cabinet for all the parts, so keep it at a corner or deep inside the closed shelf.

  •       Hose and Mouthpiece

A hose should be clean and completely dry before you store it. Hang the hose with both ends facing downward so you can get rid of all moisture. Keep the hose in a drawer or a cabinet. You can plug the two ends with some soft cloth. Do not twist and tweak the hose to an extent that it develops chinks. If you have a reusable mouthpiece, then store it like the hose with similar care.

  •       Charcoal Tray, Grommets, and Tongs

Charcoal trays and tongs are hardy parts. You can pretty much keep them anywhere. Grommets should be kept somewhere safe, so you don’t lose them. They are small and easily misplaced.

How to Store Shisha Tobacco

You must always store shisha tobacco in an airtight bag or container. You could use a resealable zip bag. Shisha tobacco does not expire like food, but it does lose its flavor and texture in time. The tobacco will react to heat and moisture, or humidity. Hence, you must always ensure the package is airtight.

Do not store shisha tobacco anywhere near a heat source nor in a refrigerator. A tidy and dry place is ideal. A hookah cabinet is a safe choice, and it should be in your bedroom, living area, or any other room that remains dry and is not unusually hot or cold. Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics, and anywhere near the outdoors are not suitable for shisha tobacco.

How to Store Hookah Charcoal

Hookah charcoal and shisha tobacco need a similar storage practice. All pieces of charcoal should be kept in an airtight pack, can, box, jar, or some other container. Exposure to air, heat, and humidity or moisture will deteriorate the charcoal pieces. They may take longer to light. Some pieces may not ignite at all. Most pieces will not last as long as they are supposed to.

Hookah charcoal does not have to be exposed to the sun or some source of heat before you light them. Any such unnecessary exposure will subject the charcoal pieces to interact with the air, which has moisture. You can seal the charcoal in an airtight container and keep it next to your hookah parts.

How to Store Hookah Accessories

The other hookah accessories are aluminum foil, heat management device, charcoal burner and holder, cleaning brushes, and stash container. You may or may not have all of these. Almost all such accessories are the most convenient to store.

Aluminum foil can remain in its pack. A heat management device can sit on a desk, shelf, or inside a drawer. A charcoal burner is a heating device, so it doesn’t really need any special storage. Ensure it is unplugged after every use. Keep it away from children and pets. A charcoal holder can be stored next to the tray. Cleaning brushes don’t need any special storage, nor does the stash container.