The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Hookah

Jun 11 , 2024

The Complete Guide to Setting Up a Hookah

If you are fond of hookah smoking but only enjoy smoking at hookah lounges as you don't have a set up at home. Moreover, you are not sure how to put all the hookah parts together for a flawless session. Don’t worry, Khalil Maamoon is here to put an end to all your queries and confusion. We have brought you an easy yet effective step-wise guide to setting up a hookah

Step 1. Filling the Hookah Base with Water

First of all, you need to pour water at room temperature in the hookah base. However, depending on your personal choice you can use cold water or any other liquid of your choice in the base.  Be sure not to fill it completely. You should fill it so the bottom end of the hookah downstem remains one or two inches immersed in the water.

Step 2. Attaching the Hookah Shaft to the Hookah Base

Insert the hookah tube into the hookah base in such a way the button remains around two inches below the water level. The most crucial part of this step is to ensure that the connection between the metal shaft and crystal or glass base is firm and airtight. You should use a rubber grommet so the stem fits in tightly, averting any air leak.

Step 3. Inserting the Ash Catcher Tray

YThe next step is to place the circular metal tray on top of the hookah stem. This tray is very useful as it catches the flying ashes of the burnt charcoal and also serves as a resting tray for your charcoal (whether heated or not). Furthermore, it helps to keep your space clean and mess free.

Step 4. Checking the Hookah Bowl Connection

Position the hookah bowl over the metal hookah stem. Insert a plastic or rubber grommet between the bowl and the hookah stem to seal the joint. You need to perform this step before packing the bowl with your favorite shisha, so you don't have to worry about testing the connection after you add shisha or charcoal to your bowl.

Step 5. Interesting the Hookah Hose

Plug the hose into the hose port of the shaft. Use a hose grommet to make the connection secure and airtight.

Step 6. Checking the Hookah for Any Leak

Never ever skip this step, even though it feels unnecessary. It only takes a few moments but can save you from a lot of trouble. Put your hand over the shisha bowl and then try taking a drag through the attached hookah hose. If you experience a suction at your palm, everything is okay and there is no leak. However, if you don't feel any pull then chances are there is an air leak somewhere and you should identify its source.

Step 7. Heating Up Your Hookah Charcoal

Depending on the type of charcoal you are using, the process of heating them differs. For example, if you are using quick lighting hookah charcoals, they can be lit up easily using a standard lighter or match stick. However, if you prefer using natural hookah charcoal made of coconut shells then you need to place them on a stove or an electric burner. Heat them until they turn glowing red and covered with a thin layer of ash. Flip them over in between until they are heated uniformly from all sides. Be careful while handling the heated coals. Use a pair of tongs. 

Step 8. Assembling Your Hookah Bowl

After ensuring the setup is airtight, it is time to pack your bowl with some of your favorite shisha tobacco. Depending on the type of the bowl, you need to pack the bowl accordingly. Just keep it one or two mm below the edge of the bowl. For more detailed instruction, we have a separate guide on how you should pack a hookah bowl. Never overpack the bowl or it will impact the quality of the smoke.

Step 9. Adding Heat Management Device or Foil

There are two methods to cover the bowl. First you can use precut foil or simply use dual layers of regular foil. Place it flat on the hookah bowl, press it against the neck of the bowl and make it airtight. Make multiple holes in circles at regular intervals on top of it. You can use a toothpick or hole poker to do the job. Another way is to place a heat management device directly on the bowl. 

Step 10. Heat It Up and Start Smoking

Once the charcoals are thoroughly heated, place them on the foil-covered hookah bowl. Initially place them towards the edge of the bowl and then work it towards the center of the bowl. While handling the coals, always use tongs to move them.

If you are using a heat management device, place the lit charcoal inside the lower part of the device and place it on top of the bowl.

Give it a few minutes to cook the shisha underneath. Take a few pulls to boost the heat distribution. It will produce more smoke inside the base which will bring out the flavors of the hookah tobacco. Give it time and let the coals do their job. If you have come this far, you are all set for a nice hookah journey. If you need hookah or hookah accessories, visit our online store. We have premium hookah products to make it a seamless experience for you.

Happy Smoking!