The Benefits of Smoking Hookah in Groups or Social Settings

Mar 13 , 2023

The Benefits of Smoking Hookah in Groups or Social Settings

Smoking hookah has been a sociocultural activity for centuries. The contemporary hookah has its origins in Indian and Persian aristocracy and royal courts. Ever since the inception of the very concept of this apparatus known as hookah, people have enjoyed shisha tobacco with others.

Today, smoking hookah is both an individual and social pastime. Many people have become real connoisseurs of hookah, not confined to just the different sizes and styles available, but also the various shisha tobacco flavors. 

While you can certainly smoke hookah in your home, with or without a friend, smoking shisha in groups or social settings has quite a few wonderful benefits. Let me highlight the most valuable benefits of sharing a hookah session with others, whether dear friends or just acquaintances.

Engaging Conversation and Socialization

Substitute a bar or pub with a hookah cafe or lounge and replace alcoholic beverages with a few delicious shisha tobacco flavors. Everything else can remain the same, such as cozy couches, music, pleasant ambient lighting, and snacking, of course.

However, the best part of hanging out at a bar or pub is probably the engaging conversation you can have with known and unknown people. You can essentially socialize and have fun, which is precisely what you can do at a hookah cafe or lounge.

Just like people talk about anything that is of mutual interest over a few drinks at a bar, you can do exactly so and more over a few puffs of a hookah. The fondness for hookah itself becomes a conversation for friends and an ice breaker among strangers.

In many cultures, people as hosts in their homes offer hookah to guests that may want to smoke and unwind. The hosts and guests, regardless of familiarity, typically share the same hookah. Of course, they can change the mouth tips like how you do at a social setting while sharing a hose.

Enhanced Hookah Smoking Experience

One invaluable benefit of smoking hookah in groups or social settings is enhanced experiences due to the scope and size of what you can smoke. First of all, if you are at a cafe or lounge, the hookah will be prepped by someone who is professionally deft at every aspect of the process.

You can expect the hookah to be impeccably clean. The bowl will be packed flawlessly. You will also get better quality hookah charcoal, thoroughly lit and placed. Many places serve hookah when it is completely ready to be smoked. You don’t have to do anything to get a session started.

Beyond these conveniences, you get the advantage of smoking a medium to large hookah with a group or in a social setting. Small hookahs for individuals have little bowls, and they usually do not deliver the same voluminous clouds that a mid-size or large shisha is capable of.

Medium or large bowls don’t suffer from heat spikes due to too many hookah charcoal pieces. Thus, the shisha tobacco inside the bowl is unlikely to burn. Simpler heat management also implies that a hookah bowl or the entire apparatus is unlikely to have an unusual cooling effect, which is quite common if you have to remove one or more charcoal pieces to keep a small pack unscorched.

Packing a bowl and setting up a hookah for an individual limits how much shisha tobacco you can load. You can’t have too many charcoal pieces sitting on the tray because they will simply burn and black out. Many such essential factors enhance the hookah smoking experience in a group or social setting. Of course, you will also have a food and beverage menu to check out.  

Experimentation With Hookahs and Flavors

You can’t have an enormous stock of different types of hookahs and various shisha tobacco flavors in your house unless you have no dearth of money and space. Smoking hookah in a group or social setting empowers you to experiment and try everything that is available.

You don’t need to buy a can of a particular shisha tobacco flavor to try it. You can get a small, medium, or large hookah depending on the size of your group. You may try an exotic hookah that is beyond your budget to buy and have in your collection. 

The possibilities are literally endless with hundreds of shisha tobacco flavors and the fact that you can make distinct hookah mixes for unique experiences. None of these experiences may be feasible if you smoke alone with one or two sets of hookah and a few shisha tobacco flavors.

Explore Other Hobbies While Smoking Hookah

Last but not least, you can explore other hobbies while smoking hookah in a group or at a social setting. You may jam with fellow musicians. You might get into a spirited debate about political and sociocultural issues that you and your companions care about. If you are into coding, you can set up a workshop at a hookah cafe, lounge, or your house, smoke, and write code.