Stepwise Guide To Set Up A Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah

Oct 27 , 2020

Stepwise Guide To Set Up A Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah

Setting up a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah may appear to be a daunting task, but it is quite simple once you are familiar with the essential components. Putting everything together should take less than two minutes after you are aware of what the parts are, what they do, and where they are fitted in the larger grand apparatus. Before we begin our stepwise guide, let us quickly list the different components you would receive in the package from Khalil Mamoon.


Unboxing Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah


The box would have a base, a stem, a bowl, a tray, a hose, three grommets, two cleaning brushes, and a pair of tongs. We are not mentioning the specific materials of each of these components because they vary. The base is usually of glass, but exceptions are there. The stem is usually of stainless steel, but again, there are exceptions. In addition to these usual components, you may have a few extras or accessories, depending on the model or package of Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah you purchase.


Before Setting Up a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah


There are two important things to know about any Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah. One, all hookahs of this brand are handmade. Most are crafted in Egypt. Hence, two hookahs of the same range or model can have a few dissimilarities. Handmade hookahs are not as perfect as those manufactured in an assembly line by machines. This is also what makes Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookahs truly different and special.


Two, you should always wash and clean a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah before you set it up for the first time. This is actually a practice you should have for all new hookahs. You cannot be sure that there are no materials inside any of the components, inadvertently passed on from the manufacturing unit to the packaging department. Do not wash hoses that are not washable. Use the two cleaning brushes in the package for the other parts. The larger brush is for the base. The smaller brush is for the stem.


Stepwise Setup Guide for Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah


  •       Take the base, set it upright on a table. Choose a steady table, big enough for the hookah to be set up in a safe way.


  •       Take the stem, get the largest rubber grommet and slide it onto the bottom of the shaft. Do not put the grommet into the base, and then insert the stem. The grommet should be fitted onto the base of the stem or shaft.


  •       Take the grommet laden stem and insert it into the base. Slide it in, use gentle nudges as needed. If the fit is not snug enough, you can use an elastic grommet, or gasket. You may also use some tape to wrap around the grommet, so you get a perfect fit.


  •       Take the tray and slide it down around the neck of the stem. There would be a platform on which the tray would rest naturally.


  •       Take the smaller grommet and insert it onto the top end of the stem.


  •       Take the bowl and fit it atop the neck of the stem. Make sure the base, stem, tray, and bowl, are perfectly aligned.


  •       Take the last grommet and insert it at the smaller end of the hose. This is what goes into the hose port on the hookah. The larger end of the hose is the grip that you would hold while smoking.


  •       Take the grommet laden hose and insert it into the open port of the hookah. Slide it in and use gentle nudges if needed.


Your Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah is set up and ready. To get started, you need shisha tobacco, charcoal, and water.


Getting Started for the First Session


Fill up the base with water. There may be a level marker on the base. If not, then go for one-third of the volume of the base. Do not fill up the base with excess water. You would not get enough smoke. You can use cold water. You may also use some ice. Cooler water generates denser, cloudier and heavier smoke.


Load the bowl with your preferred shisha tobacco. Set the foil atop and around it. Secure the wrap. Poke some holes. Light a few charcoals. Set them up on the foil. Wait for the heat to weave its magic. Start smoking.


The package may or may not come with a mouthpiece for the tip of the hose. You can buy these online or offline. They are very reasonably priced.