Solving the Smoke Dilemma: How to Fix a Troublesome Hookah

May 14 , 2024

Solving the Smoke Dilemma: How to Fix a Troublesome Hookah

Welcome shisha lovers to another blog, addressing one of the most common, yet frustrating hookah dilemmas: when your hookah doesn’t smoke properly. There could be numerous underlying glitches in your hookah that lead to this situation, but don’t worry; all of the problems can be easily fixed. Today, we will share everything that you need to know to fix your troublesome hookah. 

Situation One. Heat Management Issue.

If you have set up your hookah set properly and yet it is not producing enough smoke, then there is a lack of heat. Probably you have added plenty of heated hookah charcoals to your hookah; however, make it a habit to check out the readiness of the coals. It is crucial to have high-quality coals to ensure optimum heat production, especially for the particular shisha tobacco you are smoking. Remember, the heat amount varies depending on the hookah bowl and the texture of the tobacco.

If you have added the right amount of heat to the bowl, try using a wind cover with your bowl. It will boost the heat concentration simply by keeping all the heat inside the cover. As a result, it adds to the smoke output. 

You can entirely skip the wind cover part if you are using a heat management device that is particularly designed to concentrate all the heat on top of your shisha and help cook it faster.

Situation Two. There Is a Leakage.

This is a serious sort of situation and also the most common one. Chances are high that there is leakage in your hookah, which is why it is not smoking. Hookah is a waterpipe that acts as a one-way valve, and if fresh is getting inside your hookah, except through your hookah bowl, then the smoke production will get compromised. So, the main question is how to know if there is a leak in the first place. 

It is a very simple trick. Once you set up your hookah, i.e., with water in your base, keep your hand on top of the hookah (before packing the shisha and adding coals to it) and take a drag through the hose. If you experience suction, as it cannot draw any air, then there is no leak. However, if you feel there is airflow, you need to search for the leak. It is likely to be at the joints between the hookah stem and bowl, the base and stem, and the hookah hose and hookah base. 

Use grommets at the joints to make it airtight. Despite using the grommets, if there is a leak, the grommets are likely to be worn out. Try wrapping the grommet with electrical tape. But don't use it in the bowl joint. The heat can melt the rubber tape and glue, adding a hazardous chemical odor to your smoke. You can also try it with wet kitchen towels. However, make a point not to pick your hookah by the hookah stem. If the joint at the base is weak, it can lead to an undesirable mishap. 

Situation Three. Probably There Is a Hole or Crack in the Hose/ Hookah Stem.

Another scary situation is when there is a hole or crack in the hose. Block one end of the hose and try taking a pull from the other end. If there is airflow, it is time to get yourself a new one. Similarly, you can check the hookah stem for the same. Fixing it can be tricky, and moreover, it can add a foul odor or taste to the session.

Situation Four. The Purge Valve Not Working.

You must examine the purge valve, which consists of a ball bearing and a cap. It fails to operate when the ball gets stuck at the top of the cap. Its primary role as a valve is to block all the fresh air from getting into the hookah. If you reattach the cap without the ball and try taking a drag, there won't be any suction due to the ample amount of airflow. If it is stuck, simply tap it on a hard platform to release the ball. If tapping doesn't help, you might have to immerse it in some cleaner to remove all the gunk. Also, lubricate it with a drop of olive oil to avoid such a situation in the future. 

Situation Five. Shisha Tobacco Not Being Juicy Enough.

Over time, even properly sealed shisha tobacco does lose its juiciness and flavors. So, avoid getting yourself an old stock of hookah tobacco and opt for the fresh ones. Dry tobacco does not produce dense smoke clouds, but it gets harsh. Wet tobacco provides the best flavors and optimum smoke output when cooked with the right amount of heat. 

If you are not sure where to get fresh shisha for your next session or want to swap a part of your old set, feel free to check out our Khalil Maamoon hookah store. We bring you the best and most authentic solutions to all your hookah requirements, so you can cherish every puff of your sessions thoroughly. 

Happy Smoking!