Smooth Hookah Sessions: How to Prevent Harsh Smoke

Jul 09 , 2024

Smooth Hookah Sessions: How to Prevent Harsh Smoke

Whether you are new to hookah smoking, have been smoking shisha regularly, or are an expert smoker, burning your shisha bowl and a harsh smoke is something everyone has experienced. Don’t worry if you are also encountering harsh smoke and wondering how to get the perfect smooth smoke sessions. Khalil Maamoon is here to help you prevent harshness in your hookah sessions. However, before we jump on how you can prevent it, let us take a minute to comprehend the signs that tell you that the hookah bowl is getting overheated.

  1. The shisha tastes like burnt.
  2. The shisha flavor doesn’t taste like itself.
  3. It feels hot to smoke.
  4. The smoke cloud may appear thin.
  5. The session doesn't last long.

Now, let us explore some tips to ensure you enjoy a smooth and relaxing smoking session every time.

  • See if the hookah bowl is packed properly.

The most common reason that makes hookah harsh is the hookah bowl being overheated or burned, which is mainly due to the improper method of packing hookah tobacco. Therefore, it is crucial to pack the shisha properly with the proper amount of airflow. Depending on the type of hookah bowl you are using, the method of packing differs. If you need help packing your bowl, here is a quick bowl packing guide. With appropriate bowl packing techniques, you ensure proper airflow and even heat distribution across the hookah bowl, cooking the hookah tobacco and the juice infused properly enough to release smoke without being burned. 

However, it is common for smokers to cover the bowl with tobacco. When putting too much tobacco in the hookah bowl, it blocks the path for air and brings the shisha into direct contact with the heat, resulting in burning it.

  • Check if you are using the right amount of hookah charcoal.

The number of hookah charcoal you require during the session depends on a few different factors, like the size of the charcoal, whether you are using HMD or not, and others. If you are using foil on your bowl, it is better to start with three pieces of large-sized natural hookah charcoal (measuring around 24 to 26 mm) and two pieces if you are using a heat management device on your setup. The charcoal gets smaller and produces less heat as the session progresses. Hence, you may require additional charcoal for your hookah. As for the smaller sized coconut charcoal (measuring around 22mm), you would require 4 pieces for a foil-wrapped bowl and three for an HMD setup.

Remember, adding extra heated charcoal can overheat (ultimately burn) your shisha bowl. Then no ideal packing technique or heat management device can save it. Hence, you should avoid preheating your HMD; otherwise, it can char the shisha tobacco and affect both the flavor and longevity of the bowl. Let the shisha heat up gradually for five minutes. Check it and accordingly adjust the heat level.

  • Manage the heat level efficiently during the session.

We all wish we could add the hookah charcoal to the bowl and completely forget about it until it is time for a new set of coals. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. You need to be constantly attentive towards it to ensure consistent heat. Apart from proper placement of the charcoal, you also need to make regular adjustments to prevent overheating and harshness and keep the session smooth. While using foil, place the hot coals in a triangle form at the three opposite corners of the shisha bowl. If the shisha is not heated properly, bring all the coals closer. Again, if it is getting too hot, shift them towards the edge. It is okay if they are slightly hanging over the bowl edge.

  • Handle the coal in time for quick heat management.

Still, at times the bowl can get overheated or start tasting harsh. In such a situation, you can simply remove the coals or reposition them in the proper way to reduce the heat immediately. Moreover, blow through the hose to clear out the hot smoke trapped in the base. Once the heat temperature balances, you can put the coal back and continue with the smoking session.

  • Remove the charcoal ash frequently.

It is important to remove the ash from the heated charcoal regularly. When the ash deposits on the hot charcoal, it blocks the oxygen from getting to the hookah charcoal, ultimately extinguishing them and not producing enough heat to continue smoking. Also, the loose ash falls into the shisha through the poked holes in the foil or the bottom openings of the HMD, impacting the flavor of the shisha tobacco in an undesirable way.

To conclude, mastering the art of smoking shisha requires practice along with a little guidance. All of us have often faced such situations even after taking all the efforts. By following the tips and tricks shared in this post, you can considerably reduce the chances of harsh, overheated hookah smoking sessions. If you need an extra piece of hookah bowl or shisha for your next smoke, check out our collection. Khalil Maamoon is a one-stop destination for all your hookah requirements. 

Until next time, keep your bowl heated and smooth!