Set up Your First Hookah with Khalil Maamoon

Sep 08 , 2020

Set up Your First Hookah with Khalil Maamoon

Are you having trouble figuring out how to set up your first Khalil Mamoon Hookah correctly? Worry no more. We have got you sorted. This is a complete Hookah Set-Up Guide that you try with any hookah of your choice. Also, we have shared a few important tips that will help enhance your session and maintain your hookah well. Therefore, we suggest you not to scan but go through it carefully.

What You Will Need

Calling up your friends for a hookah session sounds great, so we are going to ensure you got your setup right. To begin, you will need:

  1. Khalil Mamoon Hookah Accessories: Hose, Hookah Stem, Base, Bowl, Hookah Tray.
  2. Grommets.
  3. Tobacco.
  4. Coals.
  5. Aluminum Foil.
  6. Foil Poker
  7. Burner
  8. Water


Let’s Set up Your Khalil Mamoon Hookah


  1. First, check all the items there in the Khalil Mamoon Hookah box in advance. If anything is missing or broken, contact the seller immediately.
  2. Assuming you got everything in the box, we will move to the next step. It is vital to perform this before your first use. Ensure all the hookah parts are thoroughly clean including the base, hookah stem, bowl, hose (if it is washable). Wash and clean everything before you get started.
  3. Fill the hookah base with water, ensuring the bottom of the hookah stem is an inch and a half-submerged. Less water will produce harsh smoke, while too much water will cause difficulty to smoke.
  4. There will be a base grommet that creates a tight seal between the hookah shaft and the glass base. The only correct way to put it is to place it on the shaft first, in a way it is leveled around the shaft. Then apply some pressure and slide the shaft into the base. Tip: Never hold your hookah by the shaft. It can fall. Always grip it by the base.
  5. Then comes the hose port through which the smoke passes. You should always ensure it is well-cleaned and nothing is clogging it. Now, you may need a hose grommet to prevent any air leaks while putting in the hose pipe for the first time.
  6. Place the ashtray on the bowl port. It catches the flying ashes. Also, you can place your tongs or burned coals on it. The last grommet that you need in your setup is the bowl grommet. Place it on the bowl port or slide it into the bowl and then fit it atop of the port. Tip: Tug it to check the fit.
  7. Now, we will set up an Egyptian Hookah Bowl. Pick any shisha of your choice. Only break it with your finger or fork and allow it to fall into the bowl allowing proper airflow. Initially, fill up to 75 to 85 percent of the bowl. You can always add or reduce more depending on how your session turns out. Now, we have to cover it with aluminum foil. You can use some pre-cut, pre-punched foils that are readily available in the market for it. Nevertheless, the regular aluminum foil does the job equally well. Depending on the thickness of the foil you may have to use multiple layers of the foil to cover the bowl. Place the foil on the top, using your hand stretch the foil, and grip it along the side of the bowl ensuring it is drum tight. Having a flat tight surface helps in even heat distribution. With a foil poker or a sharp toothpick punch in around 25 to 35 holes on the top. Add lesser holes if they are big. You can poke holes in any style. It doesn’t matter as long as you have enough holes to allow excess heat to escape and facilitate airflow.
  8. Finally, it is time to finish the setup but adding two to three scorching coals on top of it. There are two kinds of coals, i.e., quick lights, and natural ones. Quick lights ignite with a single flame and need a torch only. However, they may add some unpleasant smell to your shisha. Next are the natural coal cubes, they are organic, made from coconut shells, and last very long. But, they need around 10 to 15 minutes and a coal burner to lit up. Flip the coals halfway to ensure it is heated properly. There should be no black spot on it. Depending on the size of the coals, you need two to three of them.  Tip: Never carry your bowl with the heated coals on it. Place the heated coals using tongs after securing the bowl on the hookah.

With that you are all set to go for your first Khalil Mamoon Hookah session!