Quick Cleanup: Basics of Hookah Maintenance in Under 3 Minutes

Mar 19 , 2024

Quick Cleanup: Basics of Hookah Maintenance in Under 3 Minutes

Hello Hookah lovers! We welcome you all to another Hookah blog. We know you love relishing the flavorful bowl of shisha and blowing those massive smoke clouds. However, the post-session cleanup process happens to be a dreadful job. Don’t worry, in this Khalil Maamoon blog, we are going to share a quick cleanup guide comprised of five easy steps. This simple routine is going to clean your hookah and make it ready in under three minutes. So, let us dive in.

How Often Should You Clean Your Hookah?

It is recommended to clean your hookah every time you use it for smoking shisha. If you smoke daily, you should clean it every day after smoking. There can be residuals of the smoke or shisha left in the hose or downstem. Therefore, regular maintenance is crucial to remove them from the hookah parts, or they will add an unwanted flavor to your next session and spoil the overall experience. 

Things You Will Require for Maintaining Your Hookah

  • A set of Hookah cleaning brushes
  • Soft Dishcloth or Sponge
  • Running water (preferably warm water)
  • A stainless steel scrubpad
  • A towel (for drying purposes)
  • A cup (optional)
  • A pair of tongs

3-Minute Quick Cleanup

If you are not sure that it will take only three minutes, then you can set a timer and get started. Before anything else, remove the heated hookah charcoals using tongs and drop them in water to extinguish them. Use a towel or tong to remove the bowl along with the HMD and set them aside to let them cool down. We will get back to them after a while. Spread a towel and get started.

Step 1: Cleaning the Hookah Hose

If you are using a non-washable hose, then detach it from the hookah and blow through one end. Then hang it, keeping the ends downward. If you are using a washable hookah hose, run some water through it first. Pour some warm water through the bottom end that connects to the base. Rock it from one side to another for a few seconds before draining it out. Now hang it with the ends downward.

Step 2: Cleaning the Parts

For this, you need to take out the smaller yet crucial components, like the grommets attached at the base of the bowl and the hose end. Give them a thorough rub under warm water. Now, take the ash catcher out and wash it to clean up any ash, if any. Put the parts aside on the towel for drying.

Step 3: Cleaning the Stem

Remove the hookah stem from the base and rinse the outside under warm water. Wipe it down using a dishcloth or a sponge. Repeat the same for the bowl and hose connecting parts. Now, use your long stem cleaning brush to scrub inside the hookah stem and run some water through. If your hookah is large and you cannot access the faucet, fill in your cup with water and pour it down through one end. Now place it on the towel to dry. The only trick is to hoist one side to help drain out all the water from inside.

Step 4: Cleaning the Hookah Base

Pour the used water or fluid out of your hookah base and fill it in with some fresh, warm water. Use a brush to scrub inside properly. Rinse it a couple of times before letting it airdry. If possible, put it upside down or at least tilt it to help drain out water. Make sure it is safe.

Step 5: Cleaning the Hookal Bowl

It is time to clean the hookah bowl and heat management device that we had kept aside earlier. Considering they are still too hot to touch, use a pair of tongs to hold the HMD and put it under running water to cool down. Rinse it to remove any ash. You may have to use a stainless steel scrubber to scrub away the lingering shisha tobacco from the bottom of the device. Similarly, cool down the bowl under running water. Dump the used shisha tobacco and rinse it with warm water. Wipe both of them using a soft sponge or dishrag. Give it a final wash and keep it aside on the towel to dry.

For daily maintenance, warm water and a brush are enough. However, for deep cleaning, you can use lemon juice to disinfect the parts. In cases of stubborn smells, you can soak the part in a solution of baking soda and warm water for the night. Also, you should disinfect the hose handle and tongs if you share your hookah with others. That would be all for your daily hookah cleanup. We hope you find it useful. If you need further help or need to upgrade your set, don’t hesitate to explore our product line. Till then, smoke it hot!