Learn How to Use a Hookah

Jul 21 , 2021

Learn How to Use a Hookah

Exploring the world of Hookah is immensely exciting. However, like any other entertainment activity or hobby, you need to learn how to use a hookah well. Hence, we suggest you understand the anatomy of hookah and familiarize yourself with it and learn how it works before smoking a hookah. 

Identify Different Parts of Your Hookah

Start your hookah smoking journey by learning the structure of your hookah and how it functions.

  1. Contains hookah tobacco.
  2. Bowl Stem. Connects with the bowl.
  3. Coal Tray. Captures the flying ashes.
  4. A tube-like thing that fastens the base, hose, and bowl together.
  5. Stem Heart. Attaches to the base and includes the purge valve and the hose port. 
  6. Hose Port. Also recognized as the Hose Adaptor, where the hose is injected.
  7. Purge Valve. Releases the smoke from the base.
  8. Ball Bearing. Blocks the external air from getting drawn in through the valve.
  9. Remains submerged in the water.
  10. Quietens the noise by breaking down the bubbles.
  11. Contains water.
  12. Hose Connector. Where the hose attaches to the hose port.
  13. A flexible hose pipe through which you inhale.
  14. Hose Handle. A part of the hose where you hold.


Learn How to Use a Hookah: Stepwise Guide

  1. Separate the stem from the base.
  2. Fill the base with room temperature or cool water. Put the base and stem together. 
  3. Place the coal tray on top of the stem.
  4. Insert the hose into the hose port.
  5. Pack the hookah bowl fluffily with your favorite hookah tobacco. Leave the shisha a few millimeters below the rim unless you are using a phunnel hookah bowl.
  6. Either you can go for the traditional style with a foil-covered hookah bowl or using HMD over the hookah bowl. Poke some holes in a circular motion on top of the foil-covered bowl. 
  7. Place the bowl on the top of the stem.
  8. After double-checking everything, you need to heat three or four units of charcoals on a charcoal burner. Flip them in between to ensure they are properly heated. Place them on top at even gaps using a pair of tongs. 
  9. Take a few pulls to quicken the shisha heating process. After a few drags, your Hookah will be ready for a fantastic session.


How Does a Hookah Function?

As you inhale through the hose, it creates suction inside and forces the air to pass through the heated coals. Constant suction and air flowing downwards through the charcoal also heats the shisha underneath, producing smoke. It travels down through the stem, passes through the water, and saturates the base, which you inhale through the hose.


Set Up – Pro Tips

  • A hookah can function when all the joints are airtight. If there is an air leak, then the Hookah will not operate. Use rubber grommets to seal the connections between base and stem, hose and hose and connector, bowl stem and bowl. 
  • Nothing can replace the ball bearing in your purge valve. 
  • The water level should be optimum – the downstem should be half to one inch submerged.


With that, you are now a certified hookah smoker. Get your Hookah ready and start smoking!