Learn How to Prepare Your Hookah Bowl for Your First Session

Jan 23 , 2024

Learn How to Prepare Your Hookah Bowl for Your First Session

In the realm of hookah smoking, mastering the technique of loading your hookah bowl is more than just a method; it's essential for a more pleasurable and satisfying experience. In this Khalil Maamoon article, we'll look at how to set up three popular hookah bowls in detail. If you're seeking advice and recommendations on how to improve your hookah bowl packing process, stay with us since we'll share valuable insights in the following paragraphs. Let us go right to it.

Packing Samsaris Vitria Hookah Bowls

To make the most of the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Hookah Bowl, you have to initially place hookah tobacco in it. Using a fork, carefully place some shisha tobacco in the bowl and let it settle on its own. Try not to apply any pressure while dabbing. The most crucial step now is to adjust the tobacco without pressing it down, resulting in an even heat distribution for a calming session. You may use a fork or a toothpick to do the task, but be careful while rearranging the hookah tobacco. It will encourage an efficient burning process, causing greater smoke output. The Kaloud Vitria bowl, particularly when coupled with a heat management device, can offer a comfortable and fascinating smoke session. It happens to be a permanent favorite among many hookah adherents because of its durability and ease of use. You can easily enhance your hookah experience by comprehending this simple packing technique and relish its rich flavors while blowing some dense smoke clouds.

Packing Traditional Hookah Bowls

Traditional Hookah Bowls are defined by their five large holes, raw look, and different hole diameter sizes. Most of today’s traditional hookah bowls look similar to Turkish designs. These bowls are available in a range of forms, styles, and shades, providing Hookah adherents with a nostalgic experience. Packing a traditional hookah bowl properly for a pleasant smoking session involves packing it carefully with tobacco. Leave a gap of 5 mm between the rim of the bowl and the hookah tobacco. Using a poker or toothpick, rearrange the tobacco lightly and remove any tobacco clogging the central pore at the base of the bowl. Making it fluffy will assure uniform dispersion, resulting in steady, harmonious heating during the smoking session. If you are planning for a quick solo smoking session, then this packing method offers a nice session of 40 to 60 minutes, striking a balance between pleasure and duration. If you smoke alone for too long, it can cause headaches. Hence, opt for a short session if you are smoking alone.

Packing Phunnel Hookah Bowls

The Phunnel Hookah bowl, with its unusual construction, takes a novel approach that promotes flavor more than smoke output. This packing technique uses a considerable amount of tobacco and a fork or toothpick to apply gentle compression. The goal is to lightly press down on the upper layer of tobacco, refining the flavor profile and resulting in a warmer, stronger flavor tailored to different palettes. The Phunnel Hookah Bowl shines out for its unwavering commitment to enhancing the flavor experience, making it an excellent choice for individuals who value rich flavorful notes and delicacy in their smoking sessions.

Time to Test the Bowls

  • After heating all four bowls using a heat management device for four minutes, it is time to test the effectiveness of the bowls' packing techniques. The Samsaris Vitria bowl is seen to have an incredible smoke output. Even the flavors are on point, demonstrating the effectiveness of the packing technique. It is perfect if you are packing any light hookah shisha in this kind of bowl.
  • Now, let us move on to the traditional hookah bowl. It offers a balanced and satisfying smoking experience that would last for approximately 40 minutes to an hour. Since the level of tobacco is a bit low, it has taken more time to heat up, but once it is heated, you will notice there is a significant amount of smoke output.
  • Now it's time to assess the third hookah bowl, where the tobacco has been lightly tapped but still touches the bottom of the heat management device. Despite the fact that the tastes are rich and intense, it has a strong smokiness as it comes into contact with the HMD. However, the tastes have a strong note of warmth. After smoking a bowl packed with this technique for around 15 minutes, you should slightly open the top cover of the HMD to avoid it from getting overheated.


Mastering the intricate details of each bowl is an exceptional journey in shisha packing. Check out our Khalil Maamoon shop for all of your hookah requirements. We have an outstanding assortment of hookahs and hookah supplies to help you enjoy your smoking session better. Happy smoking!