Learn How to Set Up a Hookah Like a Pro

May 28 , 2024

Learn How to Set Up a Hookah Like a Pro

Welcome, shisha lovers, to another informative Khalil Maamoon blog. How often do you have trouble putting your hookah together? In today’s blog, we will provide you with a flawless step-by-step blueprint to help you set up your hookah like a pro. Let’s get on with it.

Everything That You Will Require

  • Hookah Hose
  • Hookah Base
  • Hookah Stem 
  • Ash Catcher Plate
  • Hookah Bowl
  • Hookah Tobacco
  • A Pair of Tongs
  • Heat Management Device or High-Quality Aluminum Foil
  • Toothpick or poker 
  • Natural Hookah Charcoal
  • Charcoal Burner

A Pro Guide to Setting Up a Hookah (Stepwise)

Step One: Set Up the Hookah Pipe

To start, make sure the hookah is clean, dry, and ready for smoking.

  1. Prepare your hookah base. Fill it with room-temperature water or slightly chilled if that is what you prefer. However, avoid extremely cold water, as it can thin out the shisha flavor. Ideally, one should keep the water level one inch above the downstem. If you are fond of closed draw, it is better to keep the water level high, while for a wide open draw, you can keep it closer to the down stem. Make sure the water is slightly above the downstem.
  2. Attach the hookah stem. Put the hookah stem into the base, but ensure the connection is airtight using a grommet. Usually, it comes along with your hookah set. Otherwise, you can procure it separately.
  3. Link the hose. Now insert the hose in the hose port using a hose port.

Step Two: Prepare the Hookah Bowl

Packing a hookah bowl properly is a significant part of a seamless smoking session. 

  1. Prepare the shisha tobacco. Loosen up the shisha by stirring it with a fork. Do not squeeze the juice out of the shisha, as it contains all the flavorings.
  2. Pack the bowl with shisha tobacco. Use your fingers or a fork to take some of the shisha and lightly sprinkle it in the bowl. Doing so will create air pockets and facilitate proper heat distribution. Lightly dab the shisha to make it even. Make sure it is around 1 or 2 mm below the rim to prevent it from burning during the session. 
  3. Cover the hookah bowl. Unless you are using an HMD, cover the hookah bowl firmly with a double layer of high-quality aluminum foil. Make sure there is no crinkle and it is drum-tight. With a poker or a toothpick, create three circles of holes with a gap of 2 to 3 mm to promote airflow.
  4. Understand how to work with HMD. If you have a heat management device, you can skip the foil wrapping part. Simply place the lower part of the device on top of your shisha-packed bowl.

Step Three. Time for the Hookah Charcoals

  1. Put the hookah bowl. Insert the hookah bowl on the very top of the hookah pipe. Secure the joint using a bowl grommet to prevent any leakage.
  2. Heating the charcoal. Put the number of hookah charcoals on an electric burner and set it to the highest temperature. Wait until it is partially done, then flip them over using a pair of tongs. Depending on the way you cover the bowl (traditional foil cover or an HMD), you will require three to four pieces of hookah charcoal. 
  3. Place the heated hookah charcoals. Once the coals are heated evenly, use tongs to place them on top of the hookah bowl (preferably towards the edge) or inside the HMD. Be careful while handling the hot coals.

Step Four: Start Smoking

Once you place the coals, give it a few minutes to cook the shisha beneath. You can take a few pulls to accelerate the process. However, you need to consider these few important things like.

  1. For foil users. If you are using a foil cover, keep rotating the coals every ten minutes and gradually moving the coals towards the center to maintain even heat dispersion. If it is getting too hot or harsh, remove coal to reduce the heat. 
  2. For heat management device users. Depending on the space and size of the charcoal, place the desired number of heated coals inside the device, close the lid, and wait for 5 minutes before starting your session. You can manage the heat by adjusting the vent or the top lid as required.

Once the shisha tobacco is properly heated, you are all set to enjoy your smoking session. Keep this guide handy so you can enjoy a smooth and fulfilling session. If you need a new hookah set or want to upgrade your old setup, you can browse through our online hookah store to get the best, high-quality hookahs and hookah accessories. Visit Khalil Maamoon and keep enjoying your smoke!