Latest KM Hookahs

Aug 05 , 2020

Latest KM Hookahs

We bring to you the latest hookahs from Khalil Maamoon. There are four new arrivals in the growing collection of Egyptian hookahs, along with a variant each for two of these models. All the four Egyptian hookahs, and the two variants, are handcrafted by veteran artisans and these are now available for expedited shipping. The four new models are Mini Angel, Iced Buls, Turkey Balaha and Sephora. Iced Buls and Turkey Balaha, each has an oxidized or ox-ed variant.


Latest Hookahs from Khalil Maamoon

Mini Angel is a small hookah standing twenty two inches tall. It features a decorated glass base, a short stem sporting a rich golden hue, an engraved tray and a clay bowl. This Egyptian hookah is perfect for solo sessions. It is also fitting for any small or medium sized room. Mini Angel sports a combination of the classic golden color and the oxidized variant. This contrast makes it a treat for the eyes to behold. The engraving on the tray and the attention to detail, whether it is in the stem or the décor of the glass base, would entice any and every hookah enthusiast in the world. Mini Angel is priced at $84.99. 

Ice Buls has two variants. One is the royal gold and the other is an oxidized version. Ice Buls is a large hookah. It is a single door model with intricate engraving in most of the components. The hookah is a complete set, like all the other latest models launched by Khalil Maamoon. You will find all essential accessories within the box. While the gold variant is regal, the oxidized version has a certain degree of boldness that can captivate anyone. As the name implies, Ice Buls has a special chamber. This is the ice chamber, so you can enjoy truly chilled vapor during the hot summer months. Shisha connoisseurs and enthusiasts do not have to feel compelled to opt for menthol tobacco flavors for a cool smoking session. Both Ice Buls variants have the same features, other than the shades, and each is priced at $84.99.

Those who do not want a small hookah, such as the Mini Angel, and would rather have something smaller than Ice Buls, can check out the Turkey Balaha. This model sports the gold color. The oxidized version has a bolder and more textured appearance. The aesthetics are otherwise identical, with the engravings and decorative elements being the same. Turkey Oxed is a medium sized hookah. It is not too tall or as large as Ice Buls, and certainly not close to the Sephora. But it does have a markedly taller presence than the Mini Angel. Turkey Balaha is priced at $104.99.

The fourth model, Sephora, is a double door Egyptian hookah. It is taller and larger than all the other three hookahs launched recently by Khalil Maamoon. Sephora has a taller stem and this enables much more time for the smoke to get cooled. Sephora is spiritually in the same collection of Egyptian hookahs among the latest releases. It sports eclectic decorative elements and fascinating engravings. It is truly a majestic hookah that can accentuate any room. Those who are passionate about hookahs will appreciate the artistry, craftsmanship and the sturdiness of Sephora. The model is priced at $109.99.


The Brilliance of Latest Egyptian Hookahs from Khalil Maamoon

Khalil Maamoon deals in handcrafted Egyptian hookahs. Not only is every model designed and made in Egypt, but all the hookahs are actually handcrafted by artisans who have spent a lifetime perfecting their skills. This shows in each of the four latest models and the two variants. There is nothing out of place in these designs. The intricate engravings, the décor of the bases, the sturdy bowls, the ergonomic stems, the premium quality hoses and the splendorous textures of all the models will please every shisha enthusiast.

All the four models and the two variants come with Egyptian hose, Egyptian clay bowl, Egyptian glass vase, cleaning brush and tongs. These accessories are inside the package. Mini Angel, Ice Buls, Turkey and Sephora are designed and handcrafted to be durable. These are not an investment that would not provide you a long and rewarding experience. All Egyptian hookahs from Khalil Maamoon are built to last, for years if not decades. These four models and the two variants are no different. The new arrivals from Khalil Maamoon are already here and they are ready to be shipped. Eligible orders would be shipped for free.