Khalil Maamoon Is Getting Revamped

Apr 04 , 2020

Khalil Maamoon Is Getting Revamped

Thank you for visiting us. We have completely revamped our Khalil Maamoon website to give you a better and cleaner shopping experience. Khalil Maamoon is here to offer you traditionally styled Khalil Maamoon Egyptian hookahs that will connect you with the centuries-old water-pipe smoking culture of the Middle East. We have combined this hookah smoking culture with craftsmanship and quality. Each of our hookah pieces is entirely handmade in Egypt by our exceedingly experienced artisans. And now, you can get these magnificent pieces and enjoy free shipping in the U.S. when your order value is $100 or more.

Khalil Maamoon is a well-known hookah manufacturer famed primarily for our exclusive range of handcrafted hookahs and hookah water pipes. We started our manufacturing hookahs in Cairo, Egypt, in 1873. Since then, we have been producing fantastic hookah works that give you an exceptional royal smoking experience. We ensure our hookahs are durable enough to withstand all your regular use while adding a majestic charm to your interiors. For many decades, Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs was the center part of many families in the Middle East. From university students to professionals, Khalil Maamoon Egyptian hookahs have played an essential role in everyone’s social life for centuries. 

All these years, you have motivated us to work hard to craft more beautiful and convenient hookah designs and shisha flavors that you can proudly share. Khalil Maamoon has evolved to reach hookah smokers everywhere around the globe and meet their distinct requirements. Today, we proudly present you, our outlandish line of hookahs and hookah products. It is your unconditional love and appreciation that helped us expand to become one of the renowned hookah brands of the world. 

We are here with our new website so you can surf our entire range of gorgeous handmade Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs and hookah products with the utmost ease.

Khalil Maamoon Shisha

We have got an enticing range of high-quality Khalil Maamoon Hookah Tobaccos that would satiate all the passionate Shisha lovers. We pick the best ingredients from different corners of the world to offer you the best-handcrafted shisha flavors that will make your Shisha experience phenomenal. You can find a wide range of shishas that can be broadly categorized into Classic Fruits, Fruit Mixes, Cool Ice mixes, Minty Flavors. The list doesn’t end here. We have also got some exquisite Special Blends that are meant to impress your demanding taste buds.

Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs

Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs will help you relive the 500-years-old Egyptian culture and traditions in a grand style. There are different types of hookah designs preferred by avid hookah smokers around the world. Here, you will find some gorgeous handmade artisan hookah masterpieces like 1 Door, 2 Door, 3 Door Hookahs as well as some featuring ice chambers. While we treasure the traditional hookah designs, we also focus and ensure that our Egyptian hookahs are convenient and useful at the same time. Whatever be your requirement, you can find some perfect Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs for yourself.   

Khalil Maamoon Charcoals

Khalil Maamoon brings you three kinds of charcoal to help you light your hookah: the natural ones, quick lights, and coconut shell charcoal. Don’t forget to check them out.

Khalil Maamoon Hookah Accessories

We know that you need several things more to make your setup complete and perfect. Hence, we bring you some fantastic Khalil Maamoon hookah accessories, including Khalil Maamoon Bases, Hoses, Bowls, Wind Cover, Tongs, Trays, and more. Khalil Maamoon brings you a wide range of hookah bowls with custom hand-painted designs and a classic royal feel. We have a 1.75-inch wide mouth that can fit almost any hookah stem. Add glitz and elegance to your setup with a stylish fur-lined hookah hose. We have several color and size options available. Then, we have an assortment of some very traditional hookah bowls that give even heat to your shisha and prevent rusting and staining. There are more Khalil Maamoon accessories, so don’t forget to check them out. 

Khalil Maamoon New Arrivals

We are continually updating our product line with new shishas like Moodasia Block, Blue Dreams, Lemon Touch, and new hookah designs like Ice Qazaz, Asawer, Turkey Balaha, Zalata, and more. You can find all our newly launched products under our ‘New Arrivals’ segment. Make sure; you check them out as well. 

Don’t forget, when you purchase for $100 or more, your order will be shipped to your doorstep for free anywhere in the U.S. We strive to bring you an exceptional experience shopping and smoking Khalil Maamoon hookah and hookah products.

Thank you for being so enduring and cooperative!