The Great Hookah Battle Is Here: Large or Mini Hookah

Feb 20 , 2024

The Great Hookah Battle Is Here: Large or Mini Hookah

Welcome back, Shisha lovers, to another thrilling Hookah episode with Khalil Maamoon. In today’s blog, we are all set to embark on another exciting shisha adventure. For a very long time, there has been an age-old hookah battle going on between the large and mini hookah sets. We know many of you may have experienced the same confusion when selecting the ideal hookah for yourself. 

Today we are going to compare two Khalil Maamoon hookahs of different sizes. 

Let’s Test Them

In this battle ring, we have Khalil Maamoon Kahramana Level 1 hookah in one corner and Kahramana Level 3, the elder sibling, in the other corner. Apart from their height, they are literally twins, with similar features that promise an excellent smoking experience. We have prepared them identically, using the same hookah bowl, the same shisha flavor, and the same amount of charcoal, and allowing them equal time to heat up.


Both of the hookahs feature a bold and beautiful design that simply exudes elegance. They are a perfect mix of luxury and experience. They come equipped with an Egyptian clay hookah bowl, an Egyptian hookah hose, an Egyptian glass hookah base, a cleaning brush, and a pair of tongs. Khalil Maamoon Kahramana Level 1 hookah stands 34 inches tall, while Khalil Maamoon Level 3 stands 42 inches tall. 

Let’s Compare

To start, let us pack the hookah bowls with the same hookah tobacco using the same hookah bowl packing method. We heated three units of charcoal and placed them evenly in the aluminum-covered bowl. Now, let us allow them a few minutes to warm up properly before getting started. Now it is time to do the drag test. The smaller hookah happens to offer a mildly tighter draw as compared to the Kahramana Level 3 hookah. It is too mild to get noticed. 

Flavor Difference

In terms of flavor output, there is no difference. You will be mesmerized by how each of the flavor profiles becomes more prominent with each puff you take. Hence, we can be sure that size has nothing to do with the flavor outcome. Factors that influence the flavor are the packing method, the type of charcoal, and the amount of heated hookah charcoal added to the bowl. Too much heat can burn the hookah shisha, while less heat will fail to bring out the flavor.

Smoke Outcome

As a boon, it is seen that both hookahs have an incredible smoke output. Not only the flavors, but the smoke output is also amazing. It does not depend on the size of the hookah but on the shisha quality, how you pack it in your bowl, and how much heat you add.


Both the hookahs perform similarly and offer a seamless smoking experience that you will cherish thoroughly. If you are looking for something that serves as a gorgeous piece of art, adding charm to your interiors, then a large hookah is perfect. However, if you want something portable and handy, then the mini hookah is what you are looking for. 

Choosing the Right Hookah for Yourself: Size versus Features

Eventually, the decision between a large and a small hookah comes down to your own personal taste. If convenience and space efficiency are significant, the mini hookah has you covered. On the other hand, larger versions can come with certain additional features, like a detachable diffuser, multiple hose ports, and many more. There can be slight variation in the draw openness, but that will be absolutely negligible. Make sure to assess the hookah based on your requirements and personal choices, because other than that, there will be no difference in their performance.

The Final Verdict

In the great battleground of the great hookah battle, there is not one clear winner—only alternatives, depending on your choices. Whether you choose the compact beauty of the Mini Hookah or the feature-packed appeal of the larger version, both provide a phenomenal hookah experience. So, the final choice is yours, whether you are on Team Mini or Large.

There are a plethora of options in the realm of hookahs. At Khalil Maamoon, we have a wide collection of premium hookahs of all sizes to meet your diverse preferences. So whether you need a new one or want to replace a part of it, we've got you covered. Browse your product line right away to get started.

Happy Smoking!