It's Time to Learn How to Set Up Hookah Foil Head

Dec 11 , 2023

It's Time to Learn How to Set Up Hookah Foil Head

A big hello to all the avid hookah enthusiasts! Have you ever been yearning for the traditional appeal of covering your hookah bowl with foil and basking in the intricate workmanship of a classic hookah smoking session? If your previous foil-wrapped adventure left you craving for more, you've reached the right spot. We're here to shed some light on the longstanding custom of prepping a foiled hookah bowl in an era where avant-garde gear like Heat Management Devices (HMDs) have taken over the limelight.

Join us as we explore the mesmerizing lure of a precisely foiled hookah bowl. Today in this blog, we're probing what makes both seasoned as well as novice Hookah adherents cherish this traditional approach.

Things You Require

For starters, pick a favorite shisha flavor and a hookah bowl. If you are running low on stock or wish to explore some exclusive shisha blends, we have a plethora of hookah tobacco flavors for you.

Pack Your Bowl with Shisha

Pack the hookah bowl like you usually do; however, this time, pay extra attention to the arrangement of the shisha tobacco leaves. Make sure all of the tobacco remains below the edge of the bowl. The idea here is to delicately heat the tobacco in portions of the bowl rather than all at the same time. It will let you thoroughly savor all the components individually, thus improving your overall smoking experience.

Choose the Suitable Foil

After you have correctly packed the hookah tobacco, place a pre-poked hookah foil over the bowl and stretch it as far as you can. Always make sure that the foil spans the entire edge of the shisha bowl at the same time. Consider purchasing some pre-poked foil if you don't already have one. If it's not accessible, you can also try using regular foil in its place, but make a point to place two layers of it.

Place the Foil Properly

When you lay the foil over the rim, you may see that it isn't totally tight and may have some drooping or abrupt bends around the edges. To remedy this, press on one side of the foil and rim, gradually extending and compressing it towards the other side. Repeat until every side of the foil is snug and free of drops or abrupt folds.

Punch Holes in the Foil (If Required)

If you intend to punch some holes, we recommend using a hole punch or poker. You can also use some standard household objects, like a toothpick, a thumbtack, or even a paper clip, to poke small holes into the foil. Whatever tool you select, make sure the holes are big enough to allow proper heat distribution without charring the tobacco. Be careful of the space between the holes, as too many holes can result in over-burning the bowl, whereas too few may result in the charcoal being extinguished due to poor airflow.

Secure the Foil Around the Base of the Bowl

Hold the foil tightly around the bowl while you poke the holes, as the process of making a hole naturally forces the foil to flex inward. Therefore, keeping the foil tight while poking holes will improve the performance of the heated coals after you place them.

After you've added the foil and punched the holes, draw the foil firmly around the perimeter of the bowl. Any extra foil should be secured to the bottom of the bowl. This extra step boasts maximum heat contact, efficiently intensifying while retaining the heat inside the bowl from every side.

Add the Heated Charcoals

After you've properly set your foiled hookah head, the next step is to add heated charcoal on top of the hookah head. It is a crucial process of initiating the foil-covered bowl as it creates airflow when you take a puff, making a sagging in the foil. Set the charcoal on either side of the hookah bowl; go for a soft inhale rather than a strong one. This cautious arrangement minimizes the risk of hopping the hookah charcoal around, apart from maintaining an equitable weight distribution, thus ensuring each piece has an equal impact on the foil. Mastering this final stage prepares you for an efficient and pleasant hookah experience.

You Are Done!

We really appreciate your presence here and would like to invite you to browse our blog further for more hookah-related information, addressing an array of subjects to help you improve your skills and expertise. If you still have concerns or doubts about your hookah, please get in touch with us. We truly value your engagement and are committed to assisting you in the best way possible. Furthermore, if you want to get started or simply want to upgrade your present hookah setup or restock your shisha stock, explore our product page right away. We bring you premium-grade hookahs and accessories to suit your individual preferences and requirements perfectly. Waste no time; go ahead and pick your favorites!