Impress Your Friends: Learn How to Create Smoke Tornados with Hookah

Oct 26 , 2023

Impress Your Friends: Learn How to Create Smoke Tornados with Hookah

Believe it or not, smoke tornado is an intriguing technique that rarely fails to pique the curiosity of Hookah patrons. Although whirling gorgeous O's of smoke is an ultimate joy, there's something exceptionally entrancing about creating a swirling vortex that glides around you, leaving onlookers awestruck. Do you know what's the best part? This fun smoke trick is quite simple to pick up. Join us as we walk you through the process of creating your own Smoke Tornado in our Khalil Maamoon blog, adding an enchanting touch to your smoking sessions.

Smoke Tornado

Smoking hookah is far more than delighting in fragrant shisha flavors; it's also about mastering the technique of performing smoke tricks like the Smoke Tornado. This simple smoke trick creates a whirling vortex of smoke that will leave everyone impressed, making it an instant hit at any hookah party.

The Magic Behind the Smoke Tornado

The smoke tornado is a small whirlwind that floats around your table. It's an intriguing phenomenon that appears difficult yet is astonishingly simple to pull off. Here's a step-by-step tutorial for mastering this engaging hookah smoke trick:

Cascade Your Smoke Across a Flat Surface

Begin by producing thick and billowing clouds of smoke. Whether you're using a traditional hookah or a modern electronic one, the key to a successful smoke tornado is a generous supply of smoke. Take a drag and exhale slowly, allowing the smoke to flow evenly across the table's surface. The smoother the smoke distribution, the better your tornado will turn out.

Do the Karate Chop and the "C" Movement

Now comes the exciting part. Extend your hand in the shape of a karate chop. Check that your hand is slightly above the smoke on the table. The objective is to establish a roadblock with which the smoke may engage.

Make a quick "C" gesture with your hand while it floats over the smoke. Consider drawing the letter "C" in the air slightly above the smoke. This motion directs the smoke towards your hand and is the initial phase in the formation of your smoke vortex.

Create a Whirlwind by Scooping, and Spinning

Make a "C" gesture with your palm and gently scoop the smoke to create the ultimate smoke tornado. Place your hand sideways, nearly perpendicular to the flat surface. The smoke is going to follow your orders. After scooping, swirl the smoke softly to form a fascinating whirlwind. It will grow tighter as you spin faster, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Time to Appreciate Your Flowing Smoke Tornado

As the smoke swirls upward like a vortex, you are efficiently creating a smoke tornado. All you need to do is sit back and appreciate how your masterpiece dances around, making everyone impressed and stunned with your hookah expertise.

Why Should You Master the Art of Creating a Smoke Tornado?

The emergence of a small whirlwind of smoke building right in front of your eyes makes the smoke tornado such a mesmerizing performance that is worth cherishing. It's a striking display that can spark a conversation at any hookah session. If this reason is not good enough for you, here are a few more reasons why you should learn this trick:

  • Aesthetically Captivating. The smoke tornado is an aesthetically captivating and incredible show of expertise that adds a new element of thrill to your hookah sessions.
  • Excellent Conversation Opener. The smoke tornado is excellent at opening conversations, encouraging Hookah adherents to pass on their expertise and unite over something in common.
  • Easy to Master. Despite being enchanting to look at, the smoke tornado is extremely easy to master. You may instantly learn this lovely technique and amaze your friends with some practice.
  • No Accessories Required. You will only require an operable hookah, high-quality shisha, the ability to create heavy smoke, and some of your expertise to create some stunning smoke tornados. No other accessories are required.

Creating some cascading smoke tornados is a simple hookah technique that can be carried out in just a few steps and will astound everyone. It's a great way to surprise your shisha buddies while enhancing your hookah experience. Whether you use the smoke tornado or any other hookah smoke tricks, the realm of hookahs has an infinite number of possibilities for capturing unforgettable experiences with your loved ones. At Khalil Maamoon, we are committed to bringing you the best-quality hookahs, hookah bowls, hoses, and hookah accessories to make it an unforgettable experience for you. Whether you need a new setup or want to upgrade your existing one, check out our elite line of Hookah Gears to get started!