How To Use the Right Amount of Water in a Hookah Base

Apr 12 , 2022

How To Use the Right Amount of Water in a Hookah Base

Hookah is a water pipe. The water in a hookah base serves as the coolant and filtration medium for the shisha tobacco smoke. Other than the composition of shisha tobacco, it is the water in the base that distinguishes hookah smoke from a cigarette or cigar. 

Thus, water is a quintessential component of any hookah setup. However, the practical question is, how much water should you use in a hookah base? Also, you may wonder if there are any pros and cons of using too little or excess water in the vase. Well, let’s address these concerns. 

What Is the Right Amount of Water in a Hookah Base?

The right amount of water in a hookah base depends on the size of your entire setup. Broadly, you may classify hookahs as small, medium, and large. However, each of these categories has substantial variations. So, a small hookah may have a sizable base, even a medium-equivalent. 

Therefore, there is no specific quantity or amount of water that you can use in every hookah base. Apart from the size of a hookah and volume of a glass base, you have to factor in the length of the down stem that goes into the vase. Besides, personal preferences matter, too.

Generally, you should aim for just enough water to submerge up to an inch of the down stem. A smaller hookah may fare well with only half an inch of its down stem submerged in the water of the base. 

In contrast, a medium or larger hookah will perform better with an inch of the down stem in water. It is not necessary for you to exceed the one inch mark in most scenarios. But a massive hookah or an enormous bowl may demand more water than usual. 

Also, milder shisha tobacco flavors do not require a lot of water. These flavors do not tend to produce harsh smoke that requires extensive cooling and filtration. You must note that the water in a hookah base, acting as the filtering medium, will absorb some flavors in the smoke. 

On the other hand, bolder shisha tobacco flavors, especially those with high nicotine content, may require more water if you want a tad milder smoke. Therefore, you have to customize the quantity of water depending on all these variables. Then, account for your personal preference. 

Symptoms of Insufficient Water in a Hookah Base

You will experience a few typical symptoms if your hookah base has insufficient water. One of the first signs is warmer than usual smoke. Inadequate water in a hookah base will not cool the smoke as effectively as you may want. So, the smoke you draw will be hotter. 

The second sign you may notice is the effort you have to put in to draw a puff. Less water in the base will make the interiors of a hookah much airier. Thus, you will be able to draw a lot of light smoke through the hose, something you may not want. 

Third, you may taste an unusual flavor. If the shisha tobacco has a bold flavor and the charcoal pieces are burning hot, you may choke or draw a harsh cloud of smoke if there is too little water in the base. 

Check the water level and see if the down stem is half an inch to an inch submerged. Add more water as necessary. Also, bear in mind that the water level will dip as you smoke a hookah. If you plan multiple sessions, you will need to replenish the water, or add a required amount. 

Symptoms of Excess Water in a Hookah Base

Excess water in a hookah base may make your puffs a little heavier and effortful. You will find yourself trying to draw more smoke but not enough will flow through the hose. So, you might have to go for more than one puff to draw sufficient shisha tobacco smoke.

Also, excess water will make the smoke unusually cooler. This issue may not be a problem for many, but you cannot have water flow up into the stem or get to the hose. A large amount of water in the hookah base may lead you to draw a few droplets when you take a puff. 

Furthermore, excessive water will absorb more flavors from the shisha tobacco smoke. In effect, you will waste your precious shisha tobacco without enjoying all the extracted flavors. 

Thus, check the water level and adjust it according to your needs. Ideally, you must customize the water level in your hookah base for every session and shisha tobacco flavor.