How To Smoke Hookah

Nov 09 , 2020

How To Smoke Hookah

After you have set up your Khalil Maamoon hookah, there are quite a few crucial elements that deserve your attention if you want voluminously dense and flavorful smoke. Many people, especially beginners, set up a hookah quite well, but do not experience the kind of smoke that experts can. It is easy to think that the hookah is at fault, or probably the shisha tobacco is not flavorful enough. If the shisha tobacco is flavorful and of good quality, and there is nothing wrong with the hookah or the components, then it is the user who must review their approach. In this comprehensive guide, we shall lay out the quintessential elements of how to smoke hookah.


Pack the Bowl Properly


The bowl should be packed well. It should not have too little tobacco. It should not be overstuffed with tobacco. If you have company and you need more shisha for one session, you must use a larger bowl instead of overstuffing a smaller one. A bowl must have enough shisha tobacco and sufficient space for hot air to pass through for optimum smoke, both in terms of quality and volume. When you pack a bowl, use a fork or knife, some other sharp tool perhaps, to make sure the tobacco is not pressed into a form of a paste. There should be sufficient aeration in the stuffing.


Check the Water Level


When you fill the base with water, it should be up to a level that is around an inch to one and a half inch of the bottom end of the down stem. Insert the down stem into the base and see how much it is submerged. If it is an inch or at the most one and a half inch, then you can let the base be. Any more water and you would not get enough smoke. If the water level is lower than an inch of the down stem, after it is inserted into the base, then you would not get comfortably cool smoke. The smoke would be hot. It may also choke you. Both, shisha tobacco the bowl and the water level, should be appropriate.


Check the Heat


Irrespective of the type or model of Khalil Maamoon hookah you have, the heat must be checked and regulated for a given serving of tobacco. Some flavors do not work well when the tobaccos are exposed to excessive heat. Some tobaccos need more heat. It depends on the texture and flavor. If a shisha is too dry, then extreme heat will burn the tobacco. If a shisha is too moist, then fewer charcoals would not be sufficient. The charcoals too must be sufficiently hot and fully glowing fully before they are placed on the bowl. You may be using a heat chamber or a foil. Irrespective of that, the charcoals should be hot enough to heat the shisha before they are placed.


Charcoals can be ignited using a lighter. Those that can be lit instantly or quickly should also be allowed to glow fully before they are placed on the foil or in the heat chamber. Charcoals that are not well lit and burning well will lead to choking, and ashy smoke. Charcoals that get clogged due to the accumulating ash all around the surface would also lead to choking, and the quality of the smoke would not be as flavorful as it could have been otherwise. This necessitates regulating the heat, by removing and replacing charcoals. All charcoals must be regulated and toggled.


The Act of Smoking


Drawing frequent puffs is wrong. Long pauses between puffs are also wrong. If you take too many short puffs, you will neither experience the flavor nor get enough smoke. If you wait too long, then you will experience hot smoke, and you could choke. Everyone has to master the act of smoking a hookah. It is not a cigarette, or a joint. Once the charcoals are well lit and placed atop the foil, give the hookah a few minutes for sufficient smoke rich in flavor to be generated. One gentle and sustained draw after two to three minutes should give you a mouthful of cool, dense and flavorful smoke. Some shisha flavors require four minutes of exposure to hot charcoals. Some flavors get heated up in a minute or two.


As you keep smoking, you may experience warmer smoke if the charcoals are overheating the bowl or if the water level has dipped below the required mark. You can remove a charcoal or two. You can add some water. You may also put an ice cube or two in the base.