How to Mix Your Own Custom Shisha Flavors

Jul 26 , 2023

How to Mix Your Own Custom Shisha Flavors

Experimenting with new shisha flavors is a significant element of hookah smoking. With the continuous introduction of new flavors, you have limitless possibilities. However, one can still get bored of the classic flavors, as they can get monotonous. In such a situation, one prefers to be a little creative and intends to prepare a custom shisha flavor. If you are willing to enjoy the creative freedom to mix your own flavor, then you have come to the right place.

Even though there is no fixed recipe book for preparing your shisha, we will do our best to guide you through the different approaches for a captivating concoction. You can easily mix as many as five or more shisha flavors together. Without delaying any further, let us quickly get onto this mixology guide.

Custom Hookah Flavor Blends

When it comes to preparing your custom shisha flavor, the first step is to gather all the required ingredients. Initially, it may seem extremely daunting to identify the flavors that complement each other, but it is much easier than it looks. Embracing different flavors from different aspects of life makes it a delightful experience. Recognizing complementary combinations that work seamlessly together is also part of the craft of hookah flavor blending. If you are unsure, try smelling both flavors at the same time, because your nose is a powerful tool for predicting taste. You should be open to experimentation and creativity in order to create new and captivating flavor blends that you will truly enjoy.

Rules for Mixing Shishas

In the world of shisha mixology, it is important to understand different types of shisha tobacco from different brands. If you are new to mixing hookah shisha, we suggest you pick shishas from the same brand, as they are likely to burn consistently. Over time, as you get more confident, you can start experimenting with shishas from different brands in the same categories. For instance, you can mix blonde shisha with washed tobacco because they complement each other seamlessly. However, you need more expertise to start blending dark leaf shishas. Nevertheless, many brands mix wonderfully because of their similar packing styles. Following are certain golden rules of shisha mixing for achieving flavor balance:

  • Spice is balanced by sourness.
  • Bitterness is balanced by sourness.
  • Sweet counteracts as well as balances sour.
  • Spice is balanced by sweetness.
  • Sweetness is balanced by spice.

Techniques for Mixing Shishas

Now that you have picked your tobacco brands and shisha flavors that you like to mix, it is time to jump into the actual craft—the art of mixing shisha flavors. There are numerous mixing techniques, each with certain advantages. However, some work best with particular hookah bowls, while others rely on your preference and mixing ratio. So, let's start mixing.

Layered Mixing Technique

You will need a traditional Egyptian clay bowl to create a layered hookah flavor mix. It is known for introducing subtle changes to your session. To start, pack your dominant flavor at the bottom of the bowl, right above the holes. It will be in the highest shisha ratio. Pack the bowl with your usual packing method. Then add more layers of different flavors, one above the other, until you reach the rim of the bowl. Pat it gently, then cover it with foil or a heat management device, whichever you prefer. With each pull, the heat passes through each flavor, focusing on the bottom layer and creating a prominent flavor blend.

Side-by-Side Mixing Technique

This shisha mixing method is perfect for phunnel hookah bowls. All you need to do is arrange the different shisha flavors separately around the middle spire, as if you were allocating each quadrant to one particular flavor. You can control which flavor takes center stage by placing the heated hookah charcoal on top of the specific flavor. This method is especially beneficial when using unique shisha brands or types, as each flavor can be packed separately in its own designated section. With this packing technique, you will enjoy more flexibility and control over your shisha session.

Pre-Blended Mixing Technique

It is one of the easiest techniques to prepare your custom mix by preblending different flavors in a bowl or bag before packing them into your hookah bowl. Decide on the ratio of flavors you prefer, and accordingly combine the flavors. You can mix them by hand, with a fork, or simply shake the bag until they combine well. Then pack your shisha bowl, and you are done. If you are using complementary shisha types that react to the heat in a similar way, then this approach comes in handy.

Friends! That is the whole mixing process! Now, you just need to practice and hone your skills until you become an expert shisha mixologist. Visit us, get your ingredients, and begin your mixing journey!