How to Make Dense Smoke with your Shisha

Nov 25 , 2020

How to Make Dense Smoke with your Shisha

Everything about how to make dense smoke with your shisha boils down to two fundamental elements. One pertains to how you must pack the bowl with your preferred Khalil Maamoon shisha tobacco, wrap it up, and use the charcoals. The other pertains to the water. There are a few more facilitating elements, all of which we shall discuss in this guide.


Packing the Bowl with Shisha Tobacco for Dense Smoke


There are some shisha tobaccos that do not produce dense smoke. These are usually lighter flavors. You must always choose a rich flavor and dense shisha tobacco in the first place. The key to packing the hookah bowl right is stuffing sufficient shisha tobacco while aerating it. Overstuffing the bowl and pressing the shisha tobacco down into the bowl to pack more leads to a lump. There would be no space for air to pass through. You also need aeration so there is enough air trapped inside the shisha tobacco pieces.


One way to pack the bowl is to sprinkle the shisha tobacco. You must keep turning, or rotating, the bowl in your hand as you sprinkle the tobacco along the sides. Do not block the holes in the bowl. This will prevent smooth flow or air, heat and smoke. The other way is to place sufficient shisha tobacco inside the bowl, and you can use a fork or foil poker to aerate it. The objective is to have sufficient shisha tobacco with enough air inside the bowl that can be heated well when the charcoals are place atop.


The Right Way to Wrap the Foil around the Bowl


You may use one foil, or two. A double foil wrap is better. Ensure the aluminum foil is wrapped neatly. It should be perfectly flattened atop the bowl. The sides of the bowl should be snugly wrapped. There should not be any leak whatsoever around the bowl. A tight seal is imperative. Once the single or double foil is wrapped around the bowl, you should make tiny holes. Large holes will lead to excessive air gushing in. The holes should be uniform in size, and they should not be erratically spread out. Opt for a nice circular pattern, or a spiral, on the foil.


Create a Wind Cover and Heat Chamber for Dense Smoke


Many connoisseurs use a heat chamber, so they do not need any foil. If you don’t have one, then you can easily create a makeshift heat chamber and wind cover using a foil or two. The objective is to build a circular wall of foil around the bowl, which should be at least two to three inches tall. This would protect the charcoals from wind, thus trapping heat inside the chamber. The protective wall around with a foil on top of it would create the heat chamber.


Such a chamber and wind cover leads to heat concentration. The heat would not dissipate outward or upward. All the heat generated by the charcoals would be transferred downward, through the holes in the foil, to the shisha tobacco inside the bowl. Sufficient heat is a quintessential requisite for dense smoke. This does not mean you can use as many charcoals as you want. Then the shisha tobacco would get burnt, and you will have a choking smoke.


Use Cool Water or Ice Cubes for Dense Smoke


Densities of air and smoke would change when subjected to greater pressure or cooler temperature. You cannot create excessive pressure than what your hookah apparatus is capable of. You can make provisions for a cooler temperature. Use cold water or ice cubes to make the smoke denser. When flavorful smoke travels down the stem and interacts with water that is cooler than room temperature, it would naturally become denser. There would also be that amazing, slightly whitish and milky appearance of the smoke.


It should be noted that water in the base gets warmer as you continue smoking a hookah. So, whether you want dense smoke or not, using slightly cooler or cold water is a practically wise choice. However, if you have chosen a menthol shisha tobacco flavor, then cold water may enhance the bite of the smoke.


Facilitating Elements to make Dense Smoke with your Shisha


You should have a large enough bowl that can host enough shisha without overstuffing. Use quality charcoals. Light them and wait till they are hot enough to produce dense and flavorful smoke. Choose a slightly larger hose so you can draw out more smoke with gentle draws. Avoid quick, short and frequent draws as the session goes on.