Hookah Hoses: A Comprehensive Guide

Mar 23 , 2023

Hookah Hoses: A Comprehensive Guide

People who are new to smoking hookah often ask about the best hookah, but the more important question is how to make the best hookah. Over time, hookah smoking has evolved. These days, we have hookahs featuring washable hoses as well as modular hookahs that can be readily pulled apart for customization, portability, and maintenance, while still keeping the classic style and feel of traditional hookahs. 

The hookah hose and bowl management are the two most significant hookah modifications. While determining your hookah kind, the first features to consider are how you fill your hookah bowl and monitor the heat. But for the time being, we're discussing hoses in this article.

What Are the Different Types of Hookah Hoses?

Nowadays, most hookahs come with a washable hose. Nevertheless, more classic hookah types may not come with one. Hookahs have traditionally been single-hose hookah tobacco smoking devices intended for community practice. People are becoming increasingly accustomed to contemporary and multi-hose hookahs as designs and trends evolve. Hoses have progressed from leather- or vinyl-wrapped metal-coil construction with far-better, high-grade silicone tubing ideas with replaceable handle and heel components.

While comparing different types of hookah hoses, keep in mind that most hookah hoses are 72" long. This will vary greatly depending on the handle and handle design.

  • Conventional Hookah Hoses

Commonly seen at hookah bars, conventional hookah hoses are often seen paired with Khalil Mamoon or MYA Saray hookahs. Although they are not washable, they can have a long lifespan if taken care of properly. These hoses are a good starting point for beginner hookah owners, but those who explore different flavors may find that washable hoses have their advantages.

  • Disposable Hookah Hoses

Disposable hookah hoses are the most affordable and hygienic type of hookah hose. Though the name suggests, they can be used for multiple purposes, including providing each person with their own hose during a group hookah session or avoiding flavor ghosting by using different hoses for different flavor profiles. They are handy for those with large hookah shisha collections or those who like to experiment with new flavors. These convenient hoses can be easily thrown out after use, making them perfect for those who don't want to clean or maintain their hookah hoses.

  • Washable Hookah Hoses

Washable hookah hoses are considered the best type of hookah hose due to their variety in style and aesthetics. They prevent flavor ghosting when switching between different hookah tobacco flavors, and they come in a wide range of prices to suit any hookah setup as well as your pocket. The hoses usually use the same high-grade silicone tubing with similar dimensions, so handles and heel pieces can be interchanged between various brands.

Lifespan of a Hookah Hose

The lifespan of a hookah hose depends on its type. Disposable hoses made from plastic tubing can last for a few weeks if washed properly, but non-washable traditional hoses made from leather, plastic, or vinyl can last from four weeks to a year. Washable hoses are manufactured separately in pieces like the tubing, handle, and heel tip. They can usually last for years if cleaned properly after each smoking session. Never put a hookah hose in a dishwasher, and avoid running water through non-washable traditional hookah hoses.

Getting Your Hookah Hose Cleaned

If the hookah hose is not washable, blow air through it after using it to remove any smoke left inside and let it hang to dry before the next session. For washable hoses, rinse them with warm water and lemon juice, or simply soak them in warm water with lemon juice and baking soda for a deep clean. Make sure to remove the handle and heel tip before cleaning. They may not be made with materials that favor a quick dip in the water. To dry, swing the tubing to remove excess water before hanging it up.

Choosing the Right Hookah Hose

You can stick with the hose that came with your hookah or upgrade depending on your smoking frequency and preferences. For those who smoke several times a week, a durable and stylish washable hose is a good investment. Disposable hoses are handy for hookah parties. If you can't remember the last time you replaced your hose, it's probably time to do so. Look for a hose that meets your quality standards, style, preference, and budget. There are many options that are popular due to their attractive designs and color variety. Select a washable hose that matches your style preferences.


To create the ideal hookah experience, it is critical to identify the best hookah hose. Hookah hoses have a function, and investing in an ideal hookah hose is something you should really consider. If you have any inquiries concerning hookah hoses, please contact us.