Hookah Cloud Myths and Realities: An Exclusive Size Discussion

Nov 28 , 2023

Hookah Cloud Myths and Realities: An Exclusive Size Discussion

Welcome to another intriguing exploration in the realm of hookahs with Khalil Maamoon. Today, we are going to address some popular myths and misconceptions regarding hookahs. In this Khalil Maamoon blog, we will investigate whether the size of the hookah has a direct impact on the size of the smoke cloud it generates or not. Join us in this fascinating discussion as we separate the facts from fictions regarding hookah sizes.

Quick Test Worth Trying Out

In this test, you can practically check if the size of the hookah seriously impacts the size of the smoke cloud or not. For this, you will require one small-sized hookah like the Khalil Maamoon Star Safari Hookah (21 inches tall) and one large hookah like the Khalil Maamoon Bulls Cafe Hookah (28 inches tall). Assemble the hookahs properly. If you are not sure how to install your hookah, you can check out the hookah set guide for a quick reference.

To keep everything unbiased, use the same hookah bowl for both hookah setups. Take a few puffs out of the small hookah and the large hookah simultaneously and see for yourself.

According to our assessment, it is seen that the size of the hookah has nothing to do with the smoke production. However, it mainly depends on how you manage your hookah session rather than how large your setup is.

How to Get Big and Dense Smoke Clouds?

If you are wondering how to get some thick, big smoke clouds with your existing hookah, here is a quick checklist that you can try.

  • Opt for Quality Accessories: Firstly, go for high-quality equipment. Make sure that you have a good clay hookah bowl. Otherwise, it may cause burnt flavor or thin smoke. Do not forget about the hookah hose, as it also impacts the smoke quality.
  • Quality Hookah Tobacco: When it comes to shisha, always go for something that is fresh and moist. They have the best smoke output.
  • Hookah Setup: It is essential to make sure that your hookah is clean and free of buildup. Set it further for air leaks at the connections. Blow through the hose to check the joints, and use tight-fitting grommets to prevent them. A properly sealed and cleaned hookah setup guides your trip to the cloud city.
  • Packing the Hookah Bowl Properly: So far, we have been ensuring the airflow is right, but now are the things to consider for getting the smoke thicker. It is crucial to pack your hookah bowl the right way, using the right technique. One popular technique is to use the sprinkling method to ensure even distribution of tobacco in your bowl. Also, it creates air pockets, facilitating proper heat distribution across the shisha. Make a point to avoid overpacking, as it can obstruct the airflow.
  • Heat Management: There are several types of hookah coals available on the market, but they are not the same. If you want nice, thick cascading smoke clouds, always use high-quality natural coconut charcoal. The number of coals you use entirely depends on the size of the hookah bowl. For standard-sized hookah bowls, two to three cubes of coconut hookah coals are enough. Using an HMD, or Heat Management Device, also ensures proper heat production. But if you are using foil, then try having a wind cover to reduce heat production.
  • Take It Slow and Steady: Smoking hookah is all about relaxing yourself. So, take slow and steady pulls, as rushing into them and taking forceful pulls will only lead to thinner smoke output.
  • Experiment with Different Brands: Even though we have shared how to pack your bowl, it is important to recognize that every shisha brand is unique, with a unique hookah shisha flavor and texture. Some offer thicker smoke as compared to the others. So try out different shishas from different brands to see which suits you the best.


Now that you know what is reality and what is myth and also know how to achieve huge, thick smoke clouds out of your hookah setup, waste no time and get started. But remember, smoking hookah is like an art. Take your time and focus on all the above-mentioned things to get the best smoke clouds. Don't get disheartened if it doesn’t work in one go. You just need some practice to excel in the technique of producing your desired cloud density.

If you need to upgrade your setup or simply want to replenish your shisha stock, visit our Khalil Maamoon store. We have high-quality hookahs and hookah accessories to meet all your smoking necessities. Relax, and keep smoking!