Exploring Hookah Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts of Hookah Smoking

Jul 11 , 2023

Exploring Hookah Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts of Hookah Smoking

Hookah smoking has a long history dating back to ancient India and has now become popular as a social pastime. However, unawareness of hookah etiquette can result in unpleasant situations, such as someone using your hookah without your consent. In ours Khalil Mamoon blog, we will explore the roots of hookah etiquette, emphasizing the need to share with friends and family the dos and don'ts of hookah smoking. Individuals can spice up their hookah experience by implementing these rules, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility, leisure, and delightful interaction. Join us as we delve into the realm of hookah etiquette for a satisfying and courteous smoking session.

Respect the Host Who Prepares the Hookah

The person who sets up the hookah is the one who smokes it first, followed by the person who handles the hookah charcoals. After that, the hookah moves clockwise until a full revolution has been made, and it continues. Generally, the smokers get around two to three minutes for each round.

Rotation Is Key

Rotating the hookah ensures that everyone gets an equal chance to enjoy the flavors and prevents one person from hogging it. The golden rule is to rotate the hose clockwise or directly to the person next to you.
Gently blow into the hookah hose after inhaling 4-5 times to improve hookah taste and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the session.

Never Blow Into One’s Face

It is considered disrespectful and inappropriate if you blow smoke into someone's face. On the contrary, release the smoke upward or downward in the air. Blowing it into the faces of others contradicts the hookah culture and raises the danger of transmitting germs. It's also unacceptable, even if conducted in jest, and can spoil a friend's evening.

Adopt Basic Hygiene Habits

When you're unwell, it's simply polite to refrain from smoking. Always wash your hands before taking part, and make sure that everything is clean.

Things to Take Care of When Using Multiple Hoses

If you're using a hookah with many hoses, use your thumb to cap the hose outlet since open hoses may leak. Be sure you don't inhale at the same time; wait for your turn. This way, everyone can enjoy the hookah. If you try to inhale and exhale at the same time, you will violate hookah decorum and interfere with the session. However, using a single-hosed hookah is better, as it allows you to enjoy your session for a longer period of time.

Do Not Let Hose Tip Touch the Ground

This should go without saying, but don't let the nozzle reach the ground. These hoses are of appropriate length. This will take place. However, the portion of the hose that you and your friend put in your mouth can't come into contact with the ground.

Do Not Leap Over Your Hookah Pipe

This is quite risky, particularly with the hot charcoal on top; you risk stumbling and damaging the hookah pipe, breaking the glass base, burning the carpets, and even hurting yourself. If you must sprint around, do so elsewhere, such as a nightclub or inside your house.

Do Not Adding Anything to the Bowl

To improve the flavor, some smokers add extra ingredients, such as milk, juice, or glycerin to the shisha base. Beware if this is not your hookah. You are inviting difficulty there, as it can make the shisha dirty and be tricky to maintain afterwards, as well as potentially leaving a strong residual scent or flavor that may be noticeable during subsequent sessions. Kindly inquire with the owner first about previous encounters with extra flavors and whether he is willing to try new flavors.

Never Lift a Hookah by the Stem or Tray

In case you need to lift the hookah, grip the hookah tray or stem, as it can fall and shatter the glass base. Instead, grab the hookah firmly by the neck of the hookah base with one or two hands to ensure it balances the weight without dropping. If you come across a new smoker trying to lift the hookah across, do instruct him on how to do it carefully.

Never Offer Inappropriate Criticism or Feedback

When you make negative comments about someone's hookah or hookah-preparing skills, most people take it as an insult. Prevent yourself from getting caught up in such awkward situations, as there are several ways to be helpful without being rude at the same time. You can give feedback by suggesting future improvements to produce thicker clouds or reduce water in the hookah base.

Mastering hookah etiquette, which includes handling the hookah, practicing social manners, and exchanging knowledge to encourage ethics for future hookah adherents, is critical for garnering respect in the community.