Everything you need to know about Heat Management Devices

Mar 25 , 2021

Everything you need to know about Heat Management Devices

Every avid hookah user should have at least one heat management device. While connoisseurs have an array of such devices, enthusiasts may wonder if such an investment is necessary. Let us do the math to understand. Calculate the number of foils you need in a span of, say, three months. Now, add the prices of every pack of aluminum foils. Compare this total with the onetime cost of a heat management device. This is the financial reason.

Advantages of Heat Management Devices

  •       The first and most noteworthy advantage is control. You shall have multifaceted control over several aspects of your shisha experience. One, you will determine how much airflow you want in your bowl. Opening and closing, or just regulating, the vents can enhance or reduce airflow. This has a direct impact on the burn rate, heat management, how long the charcoals will last, and the volume of smoke or the size of the clouds you can draw.
  •       Two, you shall have a superior smoking experience, wherein every cloud will be rich in flavor. Regulating the heat and airflow is pivotal to the quality of smoke, including the flavor and volume. Some flavors need more heat, while others may require better airflow. You can decide the way you will use a heat management device depending on the flavor you have picked up.
  •       Three, you will increase the longevity of each piece of charcoal. This shall reduce the recurring cost of charcoals. In an open setting over aluminum foils, charcoals burn quickly and you have to replace them for a longer session. Heat management devices do not let wind and other nearby external factors to influence the burn rate of charcoals. Some devices also allow you to rotate the charcoals inside the chamber, safely and efficiently.
  •       Four, heat management devices with adjustable slots at the base can be very useful when you need a larger gap between the charcoals and the shisha tobacco. Some flavors get burnt quickly when exposed to a lot of heat. The heat regulation is efficient, effective, and easy with management devices.


Types of Heat Management Devices

There are many companies manufacturing and selling heat management devices. These devices may be made from cast zinc alloy, such as the Lotus style. Aluminum is also used to make these devices, such as the Razor and Ignis styles. Zinc alloy is better as aluminum facilitates a faster burn. The latter will not enhance the longevity of the charcoals.

The size, design, and key features should be taken into consideration while purchasing a heat management device. Lotus style has raised slots at the base. These ridges are effective at providing the gap between charcoals and shisha tobacco. However, the space inside the chamber allows only flats. You cannot use larger pieces of charcoals, such as cubes.

Razor and Ignis styles have more space inside the chambers. You can use flats or cubes of charcoals. However, the Lotus style has thick walls and is more effective at retaining heat. You will need fewer charcoals. The heat distribution is also uniform. All these styles have vents that can be regulated. You can open, close, or calibrate them as and how you deem fit for a specific session.

Some styles have the option of raising the ridges or slots higher. This feature can be useful if you are opting for a particularly sensitive shisha tobacco. Such flavors need to be physically distanced from the heat source to avoid a quick burn. There are some heat management devices that have adjustable vents on the sides. A few have such adjustable vents on the lid as well. You can compare specific models of Lotus, Razor, Ignis, Stratus, and probably Flavour Saver, to make an informed choice.

Heat Management Device Buying Criteria

No feature should be considered or compared in isolation. The choice should not be an either or scenario. You can have the best of different worlds. There are enough options available today. You can choose a durable heat management device with all functional features, such as adjustable slots at the base, rotating lid on top, and vents on the side.

There are styles that are compatible with several types or sizes of charcoal. You do not have to confine yourself to only flats, cubes, or any other size. Do bear in mind the necessity of cleaning, since it is a reusable device. Do not opt for materials or designs that will be too hard to clean.