Everything You Need to Know About Charcoal and Heat Management

Apr 23 , 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Charcoal and Heat Management


We at Khalil Maamoon are constantly occupied trying out different hookah setups, so we can suggest the best techniques and tricks to enjoy a smashing shisha smoking experience. We all know how significant charcoal is for a seamless hookah session. In today’s blogs, we will be sharing some insights and tips regarding hookah charcoal and heat management.

When it comes to hookah smoking, new smokers often ignore the top part of the hookah; however, it influences the quality of the smoking experience most significantly. If you are aware, let us just inform you that hookahs are heated using hookah charcoal. The red hot charcoals heat the shisha to produce smoke.

There are several types of hookah charcoal; while some are comparatively easier to heat and arrange, some are hard to light up. However, all of them serve the same purpose: cook the shisha packed in the hookah bowl. Therefore, the key to an exceptional hookah smoking session is proper heat management and establishing proper and steady transfer of heat.

Different Kinds of Hookah Charcoal

The kind of hookah coal you use can significantly influence how you are heating the hookah tobacco and, thus, impact the overall hookah session. Basically, there are two kinds of charcoal available on the market for this purpose. One is Quick-Lighting Hookah Charcoal, and another is natural Hookah Charcoal made of coconut shells. Both of these charcoals have advantages and disadvantages.

Instant or Quick-Light Hookah Charcoals

This type of charcoal is manufactured by infusing a chemical accelerant into them that helps them light up instantly with a regular lighter or a match stick. Because they are easy to use and require minimal management during the session, they have become extremely popular among new hookah enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, they happen to be an excellent option for situations when you are outdoors or do not have access to an electric burner to heat the natural hookah coals. Nevertheless, because they are coated with a chemical accelerant, they often have a more intense odor and flavor compared to natural charcoals. Also, they burn out much faster, so you really need to keep a few more pieces handy.

Natural Hookah Charcoals

In general, natural hookah charcoals are manufactured using crushed coconut shells. However, there are other forms of natural coal, like those made out of wood, which have become extremely rare to find. 

You will require a charcoal heater or an electric coal burner to ignite these coals, as they do not have a synthetic accelerant coating. Compared to the quick-lighting charcoals, they require a few more minutes to light up. However, once they are lit evenly, they will burn hotter and for a longer duration, providing even heat to your hookah without adding any awful scent or taste like the quick-lighting coals.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Hookah Charcoal

There are two methods of using hookah charcoal: one is using aluminum foil, and the other is one of the various kinds of heat management devices.

Method 1. In this traditional smoking method, shisha tobacco is packed in the shisha bowl, which is then wrapped using a double layer of aluminum foil. Numerous holes are then poked into it, and properly lit hookah charcoals are placed on top of it. 

This traditional hookah setup method has been extremely popular as it lets you manage the amount of airflow that goes into the hookah bowl (based on the number of holes you have poked in the foil cover) and lets you access the charcoals easily when you need to turn or change them while smoking shisha.

Method 2. In the past few years, we have witnessed a booming number of improved hookah components, like washable hookah hose and heat management devices, getting introduced to the market. These heat management devices have impressed a major section of the Hookah community and have become an immensely popular accessory for many.

Not only do they save you money in the long run (as you do not need to purchase foil and charcoal often), but they also extend the burntime of the coals, so you will require fewer coals for each session. They have the extra advantage that you can regulate how much heat to add, focus down on the shisha tobacco, and acutely manage the temperature of the bowl.

If you prefer using heat management devices for your hookah sessions, natural hookah coals make the best duo for a perfect smoke session. There is no point in comparing these two methods. It is better to personally try them a few times and see which method works best for you.

We hope you find this Khalil Maamoon blog insightful, and now you can identify the best hookah charcoal and heat management for a perfect hookah session. It is a trial-and-error method, so don't get disheartened after a few attempts. Give it time to cook and observe it closely. You will surely find your sweet spot. If you still have trouble with it, do get in touch with us. We are right here to assist you with all your hookah needs, whether it is guidance or some premium-grade hookah and hookah accessories. Check out our online Hookah store right away!