Everything You Need To Know About a Hookah Lounge

Mar 22 , 2022

Everything You Need To Know About a Hookah Lounge

A vast majority of people have their first hookah experience at a lounge or a friend’s place. Only a few smokers buy a hookah straight after learning about shisha. Ideally, you should get familiar with a hookah and at least a few shisha tobacco flavors before purchasing your first kit. 

What Is a Hookah Lounge?

A hookah lounge is like a cafe, bar, and restaurant, with the primary attraction being smoking a shisha. Essentially, a hookah lounge is a public place where you can enjoy a plethora of shisha tobacco flavors, like you get various coffees at a cafe, drinks at a bar, and foods at a restaurant.

However, a hookah lounge may also be a cafe, bar, and restaurant. So, you can have hookah, get some snacks or munchies, drink some nonalcoholic beverage, or opt for a full meal. There is no way to generalize this, of course. Like cafes, bars, and restaurants, there are many types of hookah lounges, from small to massive, outdoors, indoors, and both, often with distinct themes. 

One constant element at every hookah lounge is obviously smoke. Thus, the place is a licensed smoking zone, whether outdoors or indoors. If you do not intend to try a hookah personally, you should consider the fact that you will be exposed to passive smoke at the lounge. 

What To Expect at a Hookah Lounge

Let’s talk about the setting or what a hookah lounge may look like. Since hookah originated in India, spread throughout the Middle East to Egypt and westward, many lounges opt for a distinct eastern theme. This theme is usually evident in almost everything, from the decor to the music.

A hookah lounge does not necessarily have live music, but some may host special events. Also, the setting, decor, music, or overall theme of a hookah lounge is not confined to eastern cultural elements. There are many hookahs throughout the United States with western decor, from chic to avant garde, minimalist, country, and other styles, including a typical cafe, bar, and resto pub. 

Now, the first thing you can expect at a hookah lounge is a comfortable setting. Usually, hookah lounges choose lights and music that have a soothing effect on their guests because one of the primary purposes of smoking shisha is relaxation. Thus, expect an easy and casual ambiance.

The second thing you can definitely expect is an array of hookahs, including shisha flavors. A lounge typically has various sizes and types of hookahs so that small, medium, or large groups of friends can socialize and have fun together. Also, expect dozens of shisha tobacco flavors.

The third element is of course food and beverage. Most hookah lounges serve some food. The least you can expect is a small menu of munchies or snacks. The maximum you may get at a few lounges is a diverse multi-cuisine menu with wholesome meals. 

Likewise, you can expect the popular beverages or soft drinks, from tea and coffee to sodas, juices, and mocktails. However, you may or may not get alcoholic drinks at a hookah lounge. The beverage menu may be proportionate to the foods served at a lounge. Many places have smoothies, desserts, and a variety of other drinks. 

What Are the General Rules or Policies of a Hookah Lounge?

All hookah lounges in the country have age restrictions per state law. The states where smoking shisha is legal for those older than 21 have the same law apply to hookah lounges. Some states allow adults aged 19 and older to smoke shisha, so the same rule applies to hookah lounges. 

The age restriction aside, most hookah lounges do not have special rules other than the general policies that you are likely to find at a cafe, bar, or restaurant. All guests must be polite, social, and mindful of others at the lounge. Hookah or shisha smoking is a sociocultural activity meant to facilitate relaxation, people gathering at a place and enjoying conversations, food, and music. 

Having said that, you must know the standard practices of smoking a hookah, be it at a lounge, friend’s place, or your home. 

Social and Cultural Dos and Don’ts at a Hookah Lounge

Always use a mouth tip on a hookah hose when you smoke. You will get these plastic tips at the hookah lounge. Do not put your mouth directly on the hose mouthpiece when you share a hookah, at a lounge or anywhere else.

Never blow out or exhale smoke at someone, even if the person is your friend. Aiming smoke towards your friend may have another guest in the same direction. This act is offensive. 

Do not hold onto the hookah hose for a long time. Take a puff or three and pass it around. Also, hold the hose a little lower than its wand and point the mouthpiece towards yourself when you pass it to someone. However, the latter is a formal approach if you aren’t with your best friends.

Whenever you have a doubt or want to know something, ask a hookah lounge server or anyone who can help. A hookah lounge is a place for people to socialize and have a nice time, so don’t be anxious about seeking any information or assistance.