Calculating the Cost of Owning a New Hookah

Jan 09 , 2024

Calculating the Cost of Owning a New Hookah

Did you ever try smoking hookah—may be at a party, in a lounge, or on a holiday? Though you have learned about hookah only recently, it has gained global popularity for centuries. So if you want to purchase one, you should learn about the cost of owning a new setup. Apart from that, one can have numerous doubts and questions. In this Khalil Maamoon blog, we will try to address all your queries before you start exploring the realm of hookahs.

Average Cost of a Hookah

It is a tricky matter; however, it can be simply broken down. For starters, assess if you like an old-fashioned or contemporary hookah, along with the design features like the shape, color, and tweaks you wish.

The price of Hookah ay vary between $15 and $500. There are multiple options on the market. As a result, while deciding on your first hookah, reconsider your budget depending on the frequency of your intended smoke session.

Are you going to smoke only on weekends, on occasion, or regularly during the week? Are you just exploring hookah, or are you seriously willing to commit yourself to hookah as an ongoing passion? While finalizing a choice, consider both your budget and personal preferences.

Cost of Hookah Smoking at the Lounge vs. Hookah Smoking at Home

One generally starts smoking hookah in college, during break times in between classes, or while occasionally going out to clubs or lounges. When assessing lounge expenses, it turned out that they vary between $16 and $25 or more each time. Based on survey outcomes, hitting a lounge several times throughout the week may end up costing roughly the same as buying an elegant hookah for yourself, minus the costs for food and refreshments. Therefore, smoking hookah at home is a more economical option that is also convenient.

Evaluating Your Hookah Preferences and Needs

Consider your smoking frequency while evaluating hookah choices. For occasional weekend sessions, try to find a small hookah that charges roughly $50, and being a tabletop is a boon for easy storage. For weekly sessions with friends, select one with two hoses or one that can be transformed to accommodate two. For frequent use, pick a long-lasting, elegant piece that suits your individual tastes. Search established brands for excellent traditional and modern hookahs.

 Where Can You Find Your First Hookah?

There are numerous online hookah stores, like our Khalil Maamoon store, that you can explore to pick your very first hookah setup. Our selection consists of higher-quality hookahs and hookah supplies to suit your specific requirements. Look through our assortment to find the ideal piece that meets your personality and needs. Assess your budget and filter out options to find the perfect shishas within your budget. Refer to your checklist while purchasing your hookah.

Sample Checklist for Reference

  • Budget
  • Frequency of Smoking Sessions
  • Design Style: Modern or Traditional
  • Number of Hoses: One, Multiple, or Convertible

Calculation of the Cost of Owning a Hookah

Purchasing a new hookah frequently calls for a considerable upfront expenditure, plus regular expenses like hookah tobacco, hookah charcoal, and accessories. Once assembled, the principal regular expenses include keeping a sufficient amount of shisha and coal handy. Hookah smokers replenish their pipes at different intervals, from once a month to more regularly. One's personal tastes and smoking regularity determine the total cost of maintaining a consistent supply.

Things You Require

Hookah Charcoal

Selecting hookah charcoal is relatively simple, with a couple of options: quick-lighting for rapid ignition and natural coals for longer and cleaner sessions with richer tastes. Depending on your preferences, you must select the coal type, size, and shape for your hookah. Your hookah smoking routine influences the regularity of restocking your hookah supplies.

Hookah Shisha

There are three sorts of shisha tobacco: standard blonde leaf shisha, dark leaf tobacco, and herbal non-tobacco shisha. They are found in amounts that vary from 50g to a kilogram. Smaller portions are good for testing new flavors, but larger quantities work well for those with defined favorites. Costs can differ depending on shisha kind, brand, and quantity.

Hookah Accessories

With regular maintenance and appropriate accessories, you can extend the life of your hookah. That means you need a good cleaning brush, a supplementary hookah bowl, and hose grommets for efficiency. If you're using natural hookah charcoal, you also need an electric hookah charcoal burner and foil to pack your packed bowl, unless you are using an HMD. These basic steps and accessories will keep your hookah in top condition for an extended period of time.

Additional Modifications

With a funnel hookah bowl, or HMD, you can easily enrich your entire smoking experience; however, they are optional. Additionally, having an ash-catching tray keeps the area tidy and also holds the heated charcoal whenever required. Small accessories such as a wind cover, foil poker, diffusers, and tongs may significantly improve your smoking experience.

Khalil Maamoon offers high-quality hookah elements to help you transform your session while elevating your overall experience. We give you everything you require for a pleasant and satisfying shisha experience. Happy smoking!