Best Way to Store Shisha to Retain Its Flavors

Sep 22 , 2021

Best Way to Store Shisha to Retain Its Flavors

Most of the time, Hookah Smokers have trouble storing their treasured leftover shishas effectively, so they don’t lose their flavors. Months of neglect often lead to deteriorating the shisha flavors, and one has to spend extra for procuring new shishas. Today, we will help you rectify the common mistakes that lower the smoke session quality.

Top 5 Storage Tips for Your Hookah Tobacco and Charcoals

Store Your Shisha in Air-Tight Container

Storing your shisha sealed in an airtight container will thwart mold development and prevent it from getting dried out and taste stale. Next time, when you open a fresh pack, take care to seal it properly after use.

Keep It Away from Sunlight

Long exposure to direct sunlight may cause reactions in the shisha and degrade its quality, flavors and leave a terrible sense of taste in your mouth. Sharp and quick temperature variations are neither good for the taste of the tobacco nor its quality.

Keep Your Shisha Away from Heat Sources

It is an extension of the previous point. If you keep it near a constant heat source like oven, stove, or radiation, it may cause reactions resulting in degradation of the shisha flavors and quality. 

Nourish Your Dried-Out Tobacco

If the shisha has already dried out, try acquiring tobacco syrup that can be mixed into the shisha. It may revive some of its lost flavors. The presence of moisture in the tobacco allows it to last longer during the smoke sessions.

Store Your Hookah Coals in Air-Tight Containers

Though the coals don’t come with an expiry date, water can damage them. Hence it is vital to keep them dry. So, make sure coals and water never come in contact.

How Long Can You Store Your Shisha?

When sealed, hookah tobacco has an estimated shelf life of two years. However, once opened, it can hold its flavors for up to 12 months. You can even smoke it after that, but it will not taste that good. You can maintain its flavors longer if you store them properly. Store it in airtight containers or zip-lock pouches, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Should You Keep Your Shisha in the Refrigerator or Freezer?

Storing it in an airtight container in the fridge can delay the degradation of your tobacco, and therefore, extend the life of its flavors. It is very applicable if you live in humid countries. However, it is not necessary. When stored away from heat and rapid temperature changes and sunlight, in an airtight container, it stays good for a very long time. 

Kindly note, you should not keep your shisha in the freezer; otherwise, the oil and moisture in it will dry out, and your shisha will lose its flavors and quality. Dry tobacco also burns fast and feels harsh while smoking.

Freezing tobacco results in drying all the moisture and the oils that produce all its great flavors, and reduces the flavors and overall quality of your session.

Can Your Shisha Expire?

It doesn’t expire, but it may develop the formation of molds if not stored carefully. Under such a scenario, throw the entire shisha, clean, and sanitize the container. At times, even if you store it properly in an airtight container, it can be apt for smoke, but it may still lose its flavors, and quality and it can still be smoked. Precisely, shisha comes with two years of shelf life and lasts up to 12 months after opening the pack. We hope that you find the article insightful enough to help you safeguard your shisha tobacco and its flavors.