Are You New to Hookah? Here's Your Comprehensive Setup Manual!

Dec 27 , 2023

Are You New to Hookah? Here's Your Comprehensive Setup Manual!

Hello to all Hookah freshmen and welcome to the realm of shisha smoking! If you're unfamiliar with flavored shisha and are excited to put up your new hookah together, you've come to the perfect place. We've worked out a quick, insightful manual to make your introduction to hookah smooth and enjoyable. Together, let's begin your hookah setup quest!

Pour Water into the Base

The base of a hookah is an essential component. The water in the base acts as a filtering agent as well as a cooling treatment for your smoke. But the question is, how can you calculate the proper water level in the hookah base? The thumb rule is to pour enough water into the base so that the water level remains half to one inch above the end of the downstem. It is a tube that connects your hookah bowl and descends into the water in your base.

Assemble the Hookah Stem (if necessary)

If your stem or shaft comprises multiple parts, then you need to construct them together. Some contemporary hookahs may come with a removable downstem. You have to screw this downstem into place on your shaft.

Insert the base grommet into the hookah shaft or stem, or, in certain cases, within the base's lip. Then, put the stem into the hookah's base. Now, attach the tray to the top of the stem and put the hose(s) into the hose port(s).

This is a good time to gauge the draw by taking a test pull from the hose. Remember that when you place the bowl on the hookah stem, it should tighten somewhat.

Get Your Bowl Ready

First things first, how should the bowl be packed? It is an intricate topic as a whole. For now, let us keep it short and simple: crumble the shisha into bits with your hands and sprinkle it gently into the bowl, so it's slightly below the edge. Compress it gently; add some more if needed.

The trick here is to load the shisha more loosely than the way it was in its initial packaging. A denser pack is typically appropriate for smoking dark-leaf shisha.

Wrap the bowl securely with foil. It is even better if it's already poked. Otherwise, you need to make regular holes in the foil. If you are using traditional hookah bowls featuring holes at the base, blow some air through the bottom while keeping your palm above the bowl. If you don't feel cold air at the top, the bowl appears to be densely packed, and you should remove some shisha from it.

Insert the bowl grommet into the bowl stem right after packing and foiling the hookah bowl. Mount the bowl, ensuring it sits tightly, and you're almost ready to go. You can skip this step if you've got a heat management device (HMD). However, some individuals prefer to use foil along with HMDs.

Heat the Charcoals

You can simply light a regular lighter to ignite the hookah charcoals, provided you are using quick-lighting coals (disc-like coals from a roll). Hold on until it finishes crackling and has been entirely engulfed in ash. You can blow on the coa to accelerate the process. Once done, set the burning coal on top of the prepared bowl.

As for the natural coconut charcoals (cube coals available in rectangle boxes), you will need to place 2-4 pieces over an electric coal burner for about six to ten minutes. Flip the coals in-between to ensure even heating from all sides. They're ready to go over your bowl when they're orange all over and have a lovely layer of ash on them.

Savor Rich Smoke Clouds!

Take a few basic puffs to spread the heat across the bowl. Wait a minute or two to let the bowl heat up thoroughly before continuing with your smoking session. After a few minutes, both the cloud density and the flavor will develop.

Depending on the size of the bowl, you may or may not require a second round of coals. While smaller bowls do not need additional coal, large bowls can often survive two batches of coal. However, it also varies depending on the smoker's personal preferences.

Great job! You have just finished assembling your hookah. You are all set to indulge yourself in a scrumptious world of flavors.

Nevertheless, in case you are troubled by some doubts or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to support you with all your hookah requirements. You can also browse through our hookah store, which features an elite assortment of premium hookahs and hookah accessories. You will love it, for sure!