A Stepwise Guide To Pack a Hookah Phunnel Bowl

Jul 19 , 2022

A Stepwise Guide To Pack a Hookah Phunnel Bowl

You cannot pack every shisha tobacco flavor in the same way. Each flavor demands a particular packing approach due to its boldness or mildness, primary and secondary profiles, moistness or juiciness, and other factors, such as whether you are using one variety or mixing two or more.

Similarly, you cannot pack every type of hookah bowl in the same way. A traditional or Egyptian hookah bowl has one or more holes at the base, so it requires you to align the shisha tobacco accordingly. A vortex bowl has the holes around a spire, so they face sideways. Naturally, you need to pack it differently. A phunnel bowl has one raised hole, so the approach must be unique.

Furthermore, your packing approach depends on the following factors:

  • Your hookah’s size
  • Phunnel bowl capacity
  • Total number of users
  • Duration of the session
  • Single or multiple flavors

The following stepwise guide takes into account all these variable factors. That said, let me now explain the steps to pack a hookah phunnel bowl with your favorite shisha tobacco flavors.

1. Get the Essential Tools

I’ll restrict this guide to only packing, so the other essential hookah components and tools aren’t included in the following list. You need these tools to pack a phunnel bowl:

  • A fork
  • A poker
  • Paper towel
  • A tray (optional)

The tray is optional because you can take shisha tobacco directly from its can or pack and place it in a phunnel bowl. Also, many people use the hookah charcoal tray for the same purpose. So, you don’t need another tray. And the paper towel isn’t for shisha tobacco flavors. 

Don’t use any material, permanently or temporarily as an interim container, to keep your shisha tobacco that can absorb the juices and effectively reduce the moistness. Once you have these tools and all other hookah components, proceed to the next step to pack a phunnel bowl.

2. Pack the First or Base Layer

Pick up some shisha tobacco with a fork and pack the first or base layer in the phunnel bowl.

Spread out the tobacco as lightly and evenly as you can. Do not press the tobacco as you lay the base or in any subsequent step. Always pack in a way as if you are sprinkling the tobacco into the bowl. Use the fork to distribute the tobacco evenly and completely inside the phunnel.  

3. Fill the Hookah Phunnel Bowl

Once you have laid down the base layer, continue filling the bowl up to just a little lower than the rim of the hole. You can take as little or as much with the fork based on your experience and the size of your phunnel bowl. Larger bowls will need bigger portions for every round.

Don’t wait to spread out the shisha tobacco in the bowl after packing it to its rim. You should try to have an even spread from the outset until the very end. If you think there’s excess tobacco in the phunnel bowl, pick some up with the same fork and put it back in the can or container. 

Taking shisha tobacco directly from the pack and loading a phunnel bowl is the simplest method without any intermediary device or container. Thus, your shisha tobacco won’t lose any moisture or juiciness. Also, you don’t have to use unnecessary accessories that would need cleaning. 

4. Ensure a Fluffy and Uniform Pack

Once you have sufficient shisha tobacco inside a phunnel bowl, ensure the topmost level is just below the rim of the hole. This inspection will naturally take care of the level vis-a-vis the rim of the bowl. You don’t want the shisha tobacco to touch the foil or heat management device. Also, you shouldn’t have any tobacco drop into the hole of the phunnel bowl.  

If you are unsure about the fluffiness or air pockets inside the pack, use the shisha poker and make tiny gaps throughout the loaded tobacco. These air pockets will serve as the spaces for convection heat to work. Otherwise, the top layer of the tobacco will burn due to excess heat.

Furthermore, the air pockets are necessary because a phunnel bowl’s hole isn’t at the base or to the side. The airflow in the bowl should be sufficient for the smoke to extract the flavor before flowing through the hole that is significantly raised compared to the shisha tobacco’s base layer. 

5. Prepare the Phunnel Bowl for Charcoal

Take the paper towel and wipe the rim of the phunnel bowl. If there’s any tobacco or juice on the rim of the hole, wipe that also because you don’t want any stuff to burn due to direct contact with or heat from the shisha aluminum foil or the base of any heat management device. 

6. Load the Packed Phunnel Bowl and Smoke

Wrap the phunnel bowl with shisha foil, make the holes with the poker, and light the charcoal. If you use a heat management device, mount the phunnel bowl on the hookah stem, and ignite the charcoal. Both require you to wait for a while to have the charcoal pieces burning thoroughly.