A Stepwise Guide To Clean Your Hookah in 5 Minutes

Nov 09 , 2021

A Stepwise Guide To Clean Your Hookah in 5 Minutes

Cleaning a hookah is an unavoidable chore. Ideally, you must clean your hookah after or before every session. You may use a hookah for consecutive sessions at a time. However, you may still have to clean some parts if you switch among significantly different flavors. 

Here are the essentials you need to clean your hookah in 5 minutes:

  • Warm water (neither hot nor cold)
  • Regular dish soap
  • Baking soda or vinegar (optional)
  • Long and short soft-bristled brushes 
  • Paper towel, sponge, or microfiber cloth

How To Clean a Hookah Glass Vase

Get rid of the dirty water in your hookah base after every session, always. This proactive step prevents gradual dirt & residue buildup and mold growth inside the glass vase. Also, cleaning a glass vase is infinitely easier if there is no prolonged staining due to leftover dirty water. 

Take these steps to clean a hookah glass vase:

  1. Mix some regular dish soap in warm water. You may use tap water, but lukewarm temperatures facilitate better, easier, and quicker cleaning.

  1. Soak the glass vase in the mixture. You can soak all the washable hookah parts in the mixture if you use a sufficiently large tub or close the stopper in your sink.

  1. Fill the glass vase with soap water up to the halfway mark. Swirl the mixture inside the base and pour the water out. Repeat this process once or twice if necessary. 

  1. Fill the base with some soap water, take the short soft-bristled brush (usually included in hookah sets), and scrub the glass interiors. The exterior is unlikely to be noticeably dirty. 

  1. Get rid of all the dirt, stains, and residual buildup with the short or base brush. Use a little baking soda or vinegar if hard and rigid stains don’t come off after sufficient scrubbing.

  1. Do not exert excessive force or thrust while scrubbing. Ensure the water temperature is slightly warm, not too hot as high heat can crack or break the glass.  

  1. You may use a piece of plush microfiber cloth or sponge to remove rigid stains inside. Rinse thoroughly and let the glass base air-dry as you proceed to clean the other parts. 

How To Clean a Hookah Stem or Pipe

Your hookah stem or pipe would have soaked for a while by now. Thus, the dirt and residual buildup inside will be easier to clean. You may use vinegar or baking soda for the stem or pipe because you cannot see much of the interiors. Hence, a more effective cleaning agent is better. 

  1. Fill the stem up with water mixed with soap, vinegar, or baking soda. You may also use some lemon juice. Don’t use any harsh chemical agent as it may damage the pipe.

  1. Block off one end of the hookah stem or pipe with one hand. With the cleaning mixture already inside, take the long soft-bristled brush, and scrub the interiors. 

  1. Repeat the process by blocking off the other end of the stem or pipe. Insert the stem brush from the other end and scrub the interiors thoroughly. Clean the hose port, too. 

  1. Hold the pipe upright and let all the cleaning liquid flow out. Rinse the pipe with clean lukewarm water. You can hold the stem under the faucet. Running water cleans better. 

  1. Keep the pipe standing or tilted safely to let all the water drain off. You may use a paper towel or microfiber cloth to wipe the interiors after the pipe is air-dried.  

How To Clean a Hookah Bowl

Cleaning the hookah bowl is easier. Take some of the soap water and scrub the bowl gently. Many contemporary hookah bowls are glazed or painted. Don’t scrub too hard. Avoid using chemicals or cleaning agents because they may damage the glazing or chip the paint. 

You can use a plush microfiber rag to clean the bowl. Ordinary sponge, paper towel, or cotton swab is not as effective as a piece of microfiber cloth with around 250 - 300 GSM. 

Like the glass vase, you must clean the hookah bowl after every session. Otherwise, leftover dried and burnt shisha tobaccos will leave rigid stains. Getting rid of the tobacco after a session is not sufficient. You must clean the bowl, at least with normal water and a gentle scrub. 

How To Clean a Washable Hookah Hose

Hoses with a metal coil inside are not washable. Silicone hoses can be washed regularly. You can use ordinary soap water at lukewarm temperature to clean the hose. Block one end, fill in the cleaning liquid, block the other end, shake the hose, and turn it upward and downward.

Let the liquid drain out. Repeat the process once or twice as necessary. Hang the hose on a hook with both ends pointing downwards to let the remaining water pour out. Do not bend or twist your hookah hose in any quaint manner when you clean it.