A Comprehensive Analysis of Natural Coconut Charcoal Flats and Cubes

Jun 10 , 2021

A Comprehensive Analysis of Natural Coconut Charcoal Flats and Cubes

Natural coconut charcoal is a healthier, safer, and better alternative to quick-light variants. Natural coconut charcoal does not have any synthetic ingredients. There is no chemical accelerant to make the pieces light up faster than they should. Almost all manufacturers of natural coconut charcoal have two common variants in terms of size. These are flats and cubes.

Overview of Natural Coconut Charcoal Flats and Cubes

The first natural coconut charcoal to be introduced was flat-shaped. This came to be known as flats over time. The standard size of natural coconut charcoal flats is 25mm by 25mm by 17mm. Natural coconut charcoal cubes have been around for a while, but not as prevalent as flats. In recent times, cubes have attained substantial popularity, especially among lounges and hookah parlors.

A natural coconut charcoal cube is exactly what the geometric definition is. It is a cube. The standard size is 25mm by 25mm by 25mm. Other sizes are available too. Cubes can be mini, large, and jumbo. Since we have to analyze both with a sense of uniformity, let us compare the standard-sized flats and cubes of natural coconut charcoal.

Natural Coconut Charcoal | Flats vs. Cubes

Given the difference in dimensions, 25mm x 25mm x 17mm of a flat vs. 25mm x 25mm x 25mm of a cube, the latter has a larger surface area and is hence bigger in its form. This has quite a few implications for users. Let us compare the flats and cubes of natural coconut charcoal in terms of heating time, heat output, and longevity.

  •       Natural coconut charcoal cubes take longer to get properly lit. Flats have a smaller surface area. Thus, they take less time to start burning. On an average, a standard flat takes a minute or so less than a cube to be adequately lit and burning. The exact time needed or the difference depends on the type of burner you have. A highly efficient burner may bring the time difference down to a few seconds. Also, mini cubes may be lit in as much time as standard flats.
  •       The heat output of cubes is greater than that of flats. The larger surface area and greater volume of cubes have a direct effect on the heat output. Since cubes generally deliver more heat per piece, you may have to use fewer for a session. Two cubes may get the job done that would otherwise require three flats. The difference in heat output is also subject to the quality of natural coconut charcoal, which is effectively about the brand you choose.
  •       Natural coconut charcoal cubes tend to last longer than flats. This again has to do with the size and volume. The larger heat output also means that you will be able to use cubes for bigger bowls. A standard flat may last forty minutes up to an hour. A standard cube tends to last an hour up to an hour and a half. If you are a single user, then a flat may be more conducive unless you want a session to span an hour and a half. Lounges, hookah parlors, and groups would find the longevity of cubes more appropriate for their sessions.

Challenges of Flats and Cubes

Most hookah enthusiasts are familiar with flats. The cubes take a while to get accustomed to. Since cubes are larger and heavier, they may weigh down on the aluminum foil. If the cubes push the foil down and get too close or in direct contact with the tobacco inside the hookah bowl, then you may have a risk of burning the shisha flavors and ruining your session.

Second, just as you would need some time to get familiar with the weight of the cubes, the greater heat output must also be regulated well to avoid burning a chosen tobacco. Some shisha flavors are not juicy or moist enough to endure excessive heat. Drier tobaccos may burn quickly. These issues can be easily averted. You can use two aluminum foils to ensure they bear the weight of cubes. You can use fewer cubes to avoid excessive heat and prevent the shisha tobacco from burning.

Both cubes and flats have their fans. Lounges and parlors should ideally opt for cubes as they last longer and require fewer replacements. Personal users can choose either depending on the requirements of a particular session. If you have a heat management device, ensure that it is compatible with either or both flats and cubes before you choose to buy one.