Smoke Stunts

Dec 11 , 2015

Smoke Stunts

Calling all the hookah stunt artists out there! Don’t you just love a night out playing cards, eating junk, smoking hookah, performing smoke stunts, showing off and daring your friends. Ah, good times. Look like I need one of those soon.

It is often seen that a hookah session with your friend soon turn into a showcase of stunts one can perform. They should make a tournament out of it. Now that’s a sport many will excel at since it needs no exercising. Lazy person feels.

Blowing smoke out of the nose is one of the easiest there is and looks rather sexy too. On the other hand, blowing out rings is tricky. But hey don’t lose heart yet, there is always Google to help you achieve the impossible.

If you like challenges, then you must try blowing out hearts. Another tricky one. I dream of the day blowing out hearts will turn into a socially accepted romantic gesture. Then there are bubbles. Now those are the only kind of bubbles I want to run through, popping here and there.

If you know any other shapes or hookah tricks, then feel free to share!