Patterns and Artwork in Hookahs

Nov 21 , 2015

Patterns and Artwork in Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Dana Hookah

People from every corner of the world speak the language of art. It is universal and is one of the very little things that has broken all cultural, ethnic, racial and religious barriers. Such is the artwork on hookahs. You do not have to be a professional artists or an art critic to admire the beauty of it, simply have an eye and admiration for the pretty things in the world.

The exterior of hookahs is painted while maintaining its origin; more Mughal and mid-Eastern kind of patterns are mostly found. But you can find a hookah no matter what your tastes are. There is a mind-boggling range of patterns to choose from. You could find something trendy or retro if that is what fits your interior. Personally I believe a hookah can fit in anywhere. If you like originality or have respect for roots, then stop looking, a Mughal art hookah is what you want. It is as elegant as it gets.

You have got sizes of hookahs to choose from to. What is better than a hookah? A mini hookah. Honestly, those adorable little things could replace the teddy bears you cuddle at night. Every smokers’ dream!