Nov 01 , 2015

Hookah made it to the 21st century

Hookah made it to the 21st century

    Hookah is lust; sweet sweet lust. It is one of the few things that has survived the changes and revolutions over the centuries. Believe it or not, it has actually been around for nearly a millennium and originates from the Mughal era. Good to know where the modern hookah phenomenon started from.

    There is so much twist introduced that it is enjoyed by people of all ages, origins and genders. It is a craze among teens, elegances among a group of women and just one of those masculine things that never goes out of style for men.

    Hookah has crept its way in part of the world and all cultures. It is now a huge part of entertainment, hobbies, weddings and celebrations. In fact, sometimes it turns into a friendly sport.

    There are too many shisha flavors available to name, choose from and enjoy. And a beautiful hookah makes for a gorgeous piece of art for house décor. The patterns are so beautiful that it would tempt anyone to want to get one around the house. Dare I put on my sales pitch and tell you, how many exquisite hookahs and their flavors you will find at Khalil Maamoon?