Oct 20 , 2015

Why we need shisha?

Everything in this life is a race. A race to a better lifestyle, a bigger home, a better career or more money. Top that with the issues of Middle East and other worries of life and you’ve got a physically fit person on the brink of a nervous breakdown. We all need to unwind from time to time if not daily. Can you think of a better way than hanging out with your buddies and smoking some Khalil Maamoon shisha in a classic Khalil Maamoon hookah whilst you talk about the finer things in life? 

Hey, didn’t that feel like a depressing start but that was just me justifying why we NEED an evening out with a shisha. But seriously have you tried all those shisha tricks people do or are you failing miserably at each one of them? Personally, blowing smoke out the nose was the easiest I found. 

There was a time when shisha was not easy available but now it has made its way across the globe as far as North America and can be found in almost all cafes and restaurants with Middle Eastern descent. 

My personal favorite shisha moment is laughing and falling off the chair looking at a newbie choke on their first drag; We all need that kind of laugh every once in a while. What’s yours?