10 Steps To Set Up a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah

Jan 26 , 2022

10 Steps To Set Up a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookahs are handcrafted. Most contemporary hookahs, irrespective of size and style, are machine-made. Thus, the typical hookahs you may be familiar with are easier to set up and manage. In contrast, Egyptian hookahs are exquisite and the handcrafting may lead to nominal imperfections, especially in the connectors and assembly mechanism. 

Therefore, you may have to slightly adapt the general approach when you set up a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah. This guide explains all the steps so that you can assemble your hookah and get started in a minute without any inconvenience. 

Step 1: Check All the Hookah Parts and Accessories

A Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah kit usually includes a glass base, embellished stem, clay bowl, hose, tray, three grommets, and two cleaning brushes. Lay out these components and accessories to ensure you have everything you need for the set up. You do not need any tool to set up a Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah, but you must clean the new parts before smoking. 

Step 2: Set the Glass Hookah Base on a Steady Table

Before you clean the parts and start smoking, set up the entire hookah to get familiar, and also to know that all the components fit properly. Begin with the glass base. Inspect it once to verify that it does not have any dust or packaging debris. Place it on a flat surface, like a steady table, 

Step 3: Fix the Large Grommet on the Hookah Stem

The three grommets in the Khalil Mamoon kit vary in size. The largest grommet is for the hookah stem. An Egyptian hookah stem typically has a male connector. Thus, you have to fix the grommet at the downtip of the hookah stem, which will then go into the glass base. 

Check if the large grommet fits on the stem snugly. Since such hookahs are handmade, there may be some imperfections. However, these minor issues should not create any significant problem. Besides, you can always use some electrical tape or rubber band to wrap around the downtip of the stem to facilitate a snug fit of the grommet provided in the Egyptian hookah kit. 

Step 4: Insert the Hookah Stem into the Glass Base

Insert the hookah stem with the grommet into the glass base. Inspect if the set up is stable. A wobbly stem indicates a loose fit. Also, check if the glass base itself is adequately stable on the table. This setup is important because the base and stem will hold all the components upright. 

If you notice the grommet is not fitting properly or the stem is a little loose after it is inserted into the glass base, you can use another grommet or get some tape to secure the assembly. In most cases, you will not find any major anomaly, but easy solutions can solve these minor glitches. 

Hookah enthusiasts often use paper towels, rubber bands, athletic or electrical tape, and other such available materials to improve the fitting of all the connecting parts while assembling an Egyptian hookah. However, exercise caution when you work with these parts so that you do not inadvertently damage the stem or base. The stem should glide into the base effortlessly. 

Step 5: Slide In the Tray on the Hookah Stem or Shaft

Take the tray and slide it onto the hookah stem or shaft from atop. This tray can hold charcoal pieces, you can ash them, and it also serves as a placeholder for the hose and accessories. 

Step 6: Fit the Second Largest Grommet on the Clay Bowl

Take the clay bowl, fit the second largest grommet at its base, and set it up atop the stem. This fit should be snug, too. Otherwise, you can use another grommet or rubber band. Try not to use tapes with adhesives if they are not designed to endure the heat generated by hot charcoal. 

Step 7: Set the Clay Bowl Snugly Atop the Hookah Stem

Set the bowl on the stem and check if it is steady. There should not be any leakage at this connection. Like the stem and base, this connector is crucial for the stability of the hookah. 

Step 8: Fit the Smallest Grommet on the Hookah Hose

The smallest grommet is for the hookah hose. Take the shorter wand of the hose that goes into the hookah connector. Fit the grommet on this shorter end of the hookah hose. 

Step 9: Set the Hose Firmly into the Hookah Connector

Slide the hose with the smallest grommet into the port on the stem. You can gently push it in or employ a mild twisting action to complete this assembly. 

Step 10: Inspect the Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Hookah

Inspect the entire Khalil Mamoon Egyptian hookah for stability and snug fit of the connectors. Disassemble the hookah if it is completely new. Clean the stem with the slender brush and the base with the thicker one. Allow the parts to air dry before setting up the hookah for a session.